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A Line So Good You Don’t Even Realize You’re Falling For It

By Mythreesearches

A Line So Good You Don’t Even Realize You’re Falling For It

When out this weekend with Joey, I got an inside look into a guy’s mind as he attempts to “pick up a girl” at a bar.  He was telling me about a friend of his who was asking for advice on how he should go about doing so.

We started the night out at The Auction House where we shared a bottle of wine on one of the red velvet love-seats that adorns the lounge.  We spoke about developments in each of our lives, since we had not seen each other for several weeks.  Once we killed the bottle, Joey suggested we head over to a nearby restaurant he loved for something to eat.  Of course, I agreed.

When we got there, it was packed but luckily we were offered a table right away near the restaurant’s entrance.  There were so many people inside that it was hard to hear the person across from you.

“Do you mind if I move my chair over here, so I can sit next to you and hear you better?” he asked me as he began moving his chair so close to mine we were practically touching.

Did I mind? I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more at that moment.  So he moved and we continued our conversation, which is when I was let into a world I have never before visited.   He told me about a friend of his who he described as a catch but explained that he has a difficult time meeting girls since he was shy.

“So what kind of advice are you giving him?” I asked, totally intrigued and dying to know what tricks he had up his sleeve.

“The only advice I ever give my friends is to be totally genuine.  To talk like a girl like she is the only one you’ve ever met and to let her know your intentions are totally pure.”

I wasn’t totally sure what to make of this.  Did his offering advice mean that he has his fair share of experience picking girls up at bars? I would think so, but maybe this was just my tendency to assume the worst?

“I would probably start by telling her how I saw another guy looking at her and just wanted to let her know in case she was interested.  She would blush and tell me I was wrong.  I would tell her I wasn’t and just wanted to give her a heads up since I know what guys in bars can be like and I wouldn’t want someone as pretty as she is to get caught up in that.  She would blush again.  I would tell her I’m totally genuine and even though I can only imagine how hard it is to be a girl in a bar who is probably always approached, I know first hand how difficult and intimidating it is to be the guy approaching someone who looks like she did up.  I guess, Im just really genuine and looking out for your best interest.  Wouldn’t want you to get involved with the wrong kind of guy. You know what I mean?”

By the time he finished I was blushing and nodding my head yes in an attempt to answer his question without speaking since I was scared my voice might crack.

“See, it works.”

What?! I’m such an idiot.  Here he was telling me his routine for picking girls up and I completely fell for it.  Or maybe he really is just as dreamy as I think.

He laughed and told me I was cute.  “Don’t worry, I haven’t used that line in a very long time.”

“Ya, okay.  Whatever you say,” I answered, like I was ever going to believe that.  He was way to good at that stunt for me to believe anything he ever said again.

“And besides, I told you three months ago when we met, I’m not looking for that at all.  I’m done with it and looking for someone bigger and better.  Im looking for my one.”

“Here I am” I felt like screaming.  But I restrained myself and flashed an innocent smile instead.

He was the dreamiest most beautiful guy I have ever been on a date with.  That being said, I knew there was something huge missing.  If you had asked me back in August when I met Joey, I would have told you that over my dead body would I be seeing someone for months without a commitment of any sorts.  I think the missing “thing” between us is the element of reality.  Between his accent, strawberry blond hair and green eyes, I was swept off my feet all over again each time we saw each other.  But beyond the chemistry, I’m not sure how much there is.

All this time I thought chemistry was the key, but I’m learning compatibility may be just as important?

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