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A Letter from a Mother

By Saumya Shiohare @myriadmusings1
Parenthood is not easy, whoever said so needs an applaud. Unlike an everyday chore that needs repetition of the same steps day to day, parenthood comes with a new challenge everyday. Some days it's a cake walk but other days, it's a test of your patience, strength and wisdom. But with a daughter like you ( RIBHYA RAJ ), who is so vivacious and delicious( as Ms. Gayle says), parenthood takes a new turn for the best. Motherhood comes naturally, I got the feel of it the very sec I found out about you in my womb. I became overprotective and heeded the minutest in everything I did.. I tried my best from outside the womb to give you the best inside, not limited to healthy food and drink, lots of reading and passive talking. It's so amazing that you still stick to your activity/mapping schedule from inside my tummy into the world outside my tummy. Every time I think of  those jabs and kicks, I get tingles all over. Pondering over the early days after your birth, were no doubt beyond normal with sleepless nights and smelly diapers,  but the vague thought of it still makes me want to relive every moment of our bonding, hugging and co-sleeping. Your tiny fingers, long lashes, plump cheeks, your cute grin, I still can't get over it. Holding you in my arms for the first time gave me a mixed feeling of happiness of physically seeing you and fear of hurting you. But a mother can never hurt her child. Every cautious move brought me one step closer to you. All I wished to do was kiss you and watch you sleep and play all day.Can't believe those days are gone. You are now independent, intelligent and witty. The responsibly young lady you have grown up into makes us feel proud everyday.  I have to confess that your smile is a charmer.  Your juvenile conversation under the influence of bilingualism ( hinglish)  lightens up even our dullest moments. The way you say 'no thanks' in an unobtrusive style makes us go gaga all over you. We couldn't get enough of you both back then and now. Every minute with you is precious and beyond words.  

I understand that you are quite young to even understand  read this, but I promise the day you become mature enough, I will make sure to revisit this letter. I may not be at my best always ( blame it on the occasional heightened state of frustration ), I apologize for that but remember that Mommy loves you, no matter what. You mean the world to me. You So this one goes to you with a loud shout out ---HAPPY BIRTHDAY love. A very very happy 3rd birthday to you. lots of  XO n blessingsMOMMY 

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