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A Lecture On Love

By Vall444
A Lecture On Love

That is a miraculous icon of Mother Mary and Jesus so I just would like to share it with you along with my love and blessings for all of you.

Love is an eternal bond, and you only need to think of all the people you meet with love and they will be there, connecting with you. So release the grief that you hide in you, and simply connect with the love. You might be amazed at how rapidly you can find peace again, once you get your energy flowing and reconnect with your higher self who sees nothing as bad or wrong.

You can focus on what is wrong or missing – or you can choose to focus on what is positive. So many good times lie in store for you still, with many other people to love and be loved by. If you look for what is positive in life, and things to be grateful for in each day, and choose to think only of happy memories, you will begin to release the grief – and then you will begin to attract more positive events and opportunities in your life. Focus on what you enjoy, who you enjoy being with and what dreams you have for the future. Go where the love flows. It might take time, but you can do it. In the meantime, there are hundreds of comforting books about the afterlife which show beyond any doubt that life is eternal, and that the only reality is Love.

I wish you all the very best with your journey. It will get easier – and so many gifts lie ahead.

With love and blessings,
Gill Edwards
A Lecture On Love

Gill's book Living magically changed many lives as it is a metaphysical book that is just amazing.

Yes! So true! We can make our experiences far worse, or far better, by the way we see them. Well, pain always means that we are not seeing things as our higher self sees them which is why we feel negative emotion - as a warning sign of this splitting of energy.

Everyone is your teacher.

In the school of life , you can learn from every experience and every person who becomes your teacher. Think about your experiences as coded messages. Their message is: " There's something you need to learn, to grow and develop . " A good example of this is the disease. When you catch a cold or flu , the universe wants to say, " Slow down ! Easy, take time to be absorbed in yourself. You should rest and pay attention to your inner world." If you respond to these messages , the universe will be satisfied with just a poke to you . But if you ignore these subtle hints , life will turn against you, there will be a crisis. The most important lessons of life other people give to you , especially your closest ones- parents, children, lover (s) , spouse (s) , colleagues . From these close relationships you get the most valuable lessons - about love, sacrifice , generosity and forgiveness . Often the most important lessons come from those people or situations that are the most difficult to handle.
A Lecture On Love

Look at your life. How have most of your problems ? What is your response to this challenge ? Instead of getting angry or upset , bless that person or situation. Call Premier wisdom to reveal the meaning of the experience and leads you to your healing. All the life experiences that you go through leave you a special gift .

You only have to ask and the gift will be yours.
A Lecture On Love

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