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A Lame Comeback, and Some Work Type Tips

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Sixx weeks exactly since I had last written. I am sorry, for not been able to update this space. Thankfully, the silent visitors are still coming in, day after day, reminding me gently of a pending promise.
So we have entered into 2013. Happy New Year, friends! In some way, we - You and I, are friends. Aren't we?!
So where I have been? I have been busy with work, travel, social engagements, thoughts. And though I cannot promise how frequently will I be able to communicate, communicate I will.
So today is Wednesday, the day for WWTT. And even though I have started to type, I have nothing concrete on my mind. Even as I write this here, I am still making up my mind on one of the two work type topics which I can share with you. Let's see where the balance bends.
This year, I have resolved simply - I will be present wherever I am. I will do what makes me happy. I will cut out the negative area when I can, and develop from it when I cannot. Easy? Let's see.
So here are my six work tips that I collated from few of those zillion articles which get published at year end, and make the newsletter copies expensive.
  • Any email that can be replied to or worked upon and finished in less than 120 seconds should be handled there and then.
  • Communication is 20% content, 40% choice of words, 40% choice of tone - choose yours optimally.
  • Your Yes's to assigned work should far exceed your No's - we all love Yes's, don't we?
  • 'Do what you love, love what you do.' Because any work done halfheartedly would not be done to the best of ability.
  • Be approachable to one and all, all the times.
  • Invest time in sharpening your axe - spend regular time to build on new skills or expertise which may aid your profession.
While all these may seem obvious to many, I am sure there are few who would benefit. And now that I have chosen the topic for today, the other topic would follow next Wednesday. :-) 

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