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A Hopeful Solution for Computer Issues

Posted on the 14 April 2018 by Joe Martin @SexAndBloodShow
While trying to get back into the swing of things with an at least better internet connection, but still limited on bandwidth compared to what it was, I'm looking to get some much procrastinated organization done. 
I've been lazy for some time with using this busted laptop connected to an external monitor. It's not for lack of having an alternate computer; I have at least enough in my closet to put together three desktop systems, plus a few laptops. 
I've been putting off doing a mass transfer of all the files I've collected, created and composted on this machine. In addition to the file transfers I also have multiple accounts I'm signed into. With my Google account in particular I don't want to chance signing into it on a different computer as the last time I did that they forced me to change my password and jump through other hoops just to get access to my account again. Being this blog and other blogs of mine are part of my Google account, getting locked out of it would basically finish my online presence.
What I'm considering doing, if it's doable, is a browser backup. Basically backing up cookies and saved passwords so that ideally I can transfer them to the new computer and not have to sign into accounts all over again. I don't know if I can do that but browsers do store files in the Windows system and I know the files are there. It's a matter of duplicating them or perhaps a browser plugin that might specifically do that.
I had been considering getting my desktop computer up and running. One issue is space. The computer desk is there. Presently it has stacks of DVDs on it, imagine that, and no place for them to go. And that's the lesser of the stacks of stuff I have to go through to get the space organized before I can setup the desktop system.
The other issue that has come to light recently with the warmer temperatures we've had is remembering how warm it can get in this room with but a single output vent. There is hardly any ventilation in here and running a desktop setup in the summer would probably turn this room into an oven.
This home is used as a warehouse, so there is plenty of product in here, on shelves and anywhere else it will fit. This home has central air, but it is ill-equipped to handle a warehouse, being that matter absorbs heat and it's not just a case of cooling the air but of also cooling the product that is stored in here. This is something I have not been able to get across to the people who work here during the day as I try to impress upon them not to shut off the A/C because if it gets warm in here and it's hot outside I cannot get it cooled back down effectively and it works the A/C unit harder. Never let people who wear jackets when it's in the 70s near a damn thermostat.
The idea of doing an indie film podcast has been put off until winter. At that time I can setup my desktop and audio equipment and not have to bother with the heat so much. I will probably have to record marathon podcast sessions, doing several within the same week for later publication.
For the time being my focus has shifted from getting the desktop setup to getting a new laptop. This current model is old and busted. I have to connect an external monitor to use it, and there's not enough space to keep it connected. Though I have a good laptop, it's a beast and is more of a desktop replacement than something you would want to carry around. I'm looking for a more portable and comfortable solution that would make it less of a chore to get online and get some work done.
Getting a newer laptop is the first step in getting myself back into a better position to be more useful. The second step of doing the transfer is likely to cause some downtime of some kind or the other; not like that's going to be very noticeable anyway with what little I've accomplished over the last 2 months. During the transfer my internet access will be limited to my Android phone/tablet and netbook. That's certainly not device poor, but none of them compare to accessing the internet on a normal computer, and are very slow comparatively.
I live in the dark ages computer-wise. My desktop I plan to setup for winter runs on Windows XP, as does this laptop. Vista sucked to high heaven, and unfortunately that crap is on one of my laptops, and the programs I most prefer are older programs that run very well on XP, and I'm afraid some of them won't run on a newer system with the current Windows. I may get a secondary computer with a newer Windows install to use mainly for internet and some newer programs that won't run on XP.
The transfer is becoming more necessary as this old laptop has been a trooper, but with a busted screen if I have an issue with it that forces it to start in DOS or maintenance mode, I won't be able to see the screen as the monitor requires Windows to start before it's activated. Getting the files off of it and transferring them to a new computer before that happens is key.
I hope to be able to do this sometime in May or June. I also hope to be able to find the drivers for the wifi adapter or else I'm going to have another problem with which to deal.

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