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A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Posted on the 06 August 2016 by Weminoredinfilm.com @WeMinoredInFilm

A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Batman. Superman 2. The Dark Knight.

Woo-hoo! DC Comics movies rock! All-time classics!

Superman 3-4. Supergirl. Steel. Catwoman. Jonah Hex. Constantine. Green Lantern. Batman v Superman. Sadly, Suicide Squad. And, of course, Batman and Robin.

Boo! DC Comics movies suck dirt!

Obviously, opinions differ, but the point is that for a company most known for its superheroes DC Comics movies aren't always so super. In fact, their success rate is pretty low, as chronicled in this following HalloweenCostumes.com infographic. This is the company which birthed the superhero in the comics and then on screen. 1978's Superman made us believe a man could fly. For better or worse, 1989's Batman completely changed the way films are marketed and distributed. The Dark Knight won a freakin' Oscar for acting. Try going back to 1951 and telling Superman and the Mole-Me n's cast that someday someone would win an Oscar for making such a movie! They'd laugh in your face, but probably then also ask about your fanciful dress, accuse you of being a no-good Commie and inquire about the strange thing in your hand you call, what was it, a "smartphone." You know - standard time travel stuff.

Now, the old guard has been surpassed by the comparatively young upstart, Marvel, which also has it fair share of turkeys (e.g., the Cannon Films Captain America, the Roger Corman Fantastic Four) but has enjoyed an unprecedented run of success since 2008's Iron Man. DC, meanwhile, well they're stuck in negative feedback loop and perpetual promises of "we'll get it right this time, we swear" followed by predictable, though not necessarily universal disappointment. Plenty of people love Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, and will love Wonder Woman and Justice League next year. However, a look at the company's history, specifically their non-Christopher Nolan films in the 2000s, cautions against any optimism going forward, or at least suggests their films will continue to polarize audiences.

A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Source: HalloweenCostumes.com

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