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A Good Winter Project: Improve Your Boat Trailer

By Sailingguide

If you have a trailerable boat, you sooner or later experience a shallow-angle boat ramp that makes it difficult to get the trailer in deep enough to launch or retrieve your boat without having to back your tow vehicle into the water. Too many trailers have a tongue that is simply too short to easily use all boat ramps, and of course it's not good to immerse your vehicle's rear wheels up to the hubs in water, particularly salt water, or even worse, your tailpipe or muffler. But what to do? You could invest in a new trailer or pay a welder a lot of boat bucks to make your trailer's tongue a couple feet longer. Or you can craft an extension piece to lengthen your trailer's tongue by many feet at launch time - at a small cost. It's easy to do it yourself and requires no welding or fancy tools. Here's how to do it. You'll be amazed you went as long as you did without this simple improvement that makes your boating life so much better!









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