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A Goal of Making 25 Entrepreneurs

Posted on the 24 February 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

As I always say in my interactions  “Entrepreneurship is like swimming in the ocean where you have threats and opportunities.  If you take it up with planning, you have treasures to draw.  If you go careless you may fall prey to sharks”

The challenge always lie in deciding the go-ahead without facing fatal risks.  This is where many aspirant individuals abandon their dream.  Such a situation indeed is the nation’s loss.  With this background, taking the active partnering with Osmania University, we have scheduled Entrepreneurship Development Meet on May 14, 2011.   The main objective of this meet is to inform the prospective entrepreneurs the approach, the processes and the plan to successfully start a business.

The meet intends to achieve quantifiable result within one year with a target of helping / making 25 entrepreneurs.  The individual participants of the meet can avail further handhold in the following areas towards setting up their favorite industry.

  • Market research
  • Business model development
  • Project report
  • Project finance
  • Total processes to setup the business / industry
  • Marketing strategy
  • Training to setup and operate your business

An individual can start a business with as less as INR 5 lakhs.  Wherever required one can draw loans from the Banks under Government schemes like PMEGP, CGF or so.  It is not the money which plays a major role.  It is the business idea that you choose.  It is the market relevance of your proposed products and services.  It is the passion that you hold.  It is the very approach that you adopt towards setting up the business planned.

Who can participate in the meet?

  1. Any one with a passion to become self-employed, venture into his / her favorite business with or without money.
  2. Individuals who finished their education and wanting to achieve self-employment. B.Tech. / MCA / B.Sc. / B.Com / MBA.
  3. Working professionals who intend to shift to entrepreneurship.  Work experience is an added advantage to become an entrepreneur.
  4. Individuals and innovators who are waiting with ideas to take shape into an enterprise.
  5. Housewives who have spare time and who could take up home-based business.
  6. NGOs who are in the advocacy of economic empowerment.
  7. Consultants who can help the entrepreneurs in realizing their dream.
  8. Retired personnel who can lend their expertise as partners in the future start-ups.
  9. Investors, Venture Capitalists who are looking for bright ideas.
  10. Faculty and students who could get an insight into the world favorite avocation ‘Entrepreneurship’.

The relevant links to this meet:

  • Twitter:
  • Mobile: +91-9177934566 – Ram / Venkata
  • Email: [email protected]

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