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A Gift for Little Tree

By Momatlast @momatlast

As a family, we’ve already harvested more blessings than we can count through the miracle of Little Tree. I am grateful to all those who have an active role in our real life story behind the story. Little Tree has already seen her dreams come true.

Gift For Little Tree Adoption Book
Nineteen years ago, four years into our own infertility, I answered a middle-of-the-night creative inspiration to write and create the very first copy of A Gift for Little Tree as a gift for our friends when they adopted their son. I wrote this story in one sitting, and my own heart stretched to understand the love and bonding possible with adoption.

Miraculously, we stepped off the medical infertility treadmill, and 11 months after I wrote A Gift for Little Tree, we adopted our daughter. Another 9 years later, we adopted our son. We’ve been triple-blessed by the nurturing relationships our children share with their birth families.

For me, Little Tree did what she was sent to do … she blessed our friends and changed my heart with just a whisper in my dreams. It is a happy end of the story just as it is.

All except for that tug in my heart … like a wondering whisper: “Could there be another adventure for Little Tree?”

“Whose heart will she bless next? And will you help her get there?”

God only knows.

What Others Are Saying

“A Gift for Little Tree is a touching story of hope, inspiration and the joy received from adoption. The parable teaches children of the immense love parents have for them … no matter how they became part of their family! Though the story is written for children, it is certain to soothe the heart of any parent who has gone through the pain of infertility.”

Adoption Therapist and Author of “The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide

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