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By Cgajid @cgajid
Are you all enjoying our fabulous 30% off sale? Because at Vinchi we are certainly enjoying the fact that you get to look drop dead gorgeous; by taking a pick out of our vintage tresure chest!
We are going to make this short and simple, we couldn't resist doing a quick post before a spot of lunch, yes a very late lunch indeed... Ah the busy life of a fashion fanatic aye?!
Following the high street trends are a 100% guarantee that you will be wearing the latest fashion of the season. But why be a follower? Why not be a creator? Wearing vintage clothing allows gives you ability to become individual and unique, to set a trend rather than follow one, to be able to walk along the high street shops and think: I can top that trend! offers an exclusive range of original vintage clothing and accessories, it's the fabulous world of vintage, the vintage treasure chest, the number one in the vintage charts and simply a vintage vision of unique style and individuality.
Check out our own little fashion world and make a statement!
Keep posted to see what's the latest in our unique world
Vinchi x

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