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A Fresh New Tradition (+what I’m Reading Now)

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

What started as an idea on the dateboard has turned into a really fun tradition.

coffee shop

Every weekend, after B and I run errands (drop off books at the library, deposit compost), we drive to a coffee shop about 10 minutes away.  We drink strong coffee.  We split yummy treats.  We spend quiet time together.

During the school year- er, and some of the summer- I often have reading to do and papers to write, but being out of the house in a somewhat social environment makes it a lot more tolerable, and even fun!  Of course, now that I am on vacation (which pretty much means lounging around comfy clothes and playing with lipstick), I’ve been tackling my reading-for-fun list.  Here’s what I’ve loved recently:

The Panopticon

 The Pink Hotel

Iris Has Free Time

Stories From Jonestown (Life changing.  I can’t stop thinking about this.)

What have you been reading?  

Have you developed any new traditions?

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