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A Florist & The Environment.

By Leavesandstems @leavesandstems
Going into a store or the supermarket and having my purchases put into plastic bags is like the eighth deadly sin to me. Although I am rarely found without reusable shopping bags, if for some reason I find myself without them - My stomach churns a little, I look at what I'm buying and wonder if I can manage to carry it all without being given plastic bags - I'll even buy more reusable bags to avoid plastic bags.
There is one thing I can honestly say concerns me about the floristry industry;
The amount of packaging used constantly plays on my mind; cardboard, plastic, cellophane, paper, floral foam, plastic containers.
In the gorgeous studio where I work, My Boss Liz & I are constantly discussing what we can cut back on, researching new trends & looking for recycled packaging products. We are also making changes to only use packaging products that our customers can place into their everyday household recycling bin.
I'll continue my research & blog more soon - including carbon neutral flowers...
Until next time
Love & Blossoms...

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