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A Down-and-Dirty DIY Shower Rack Hack

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Tired of buying corner shower stands that are bound to rust in no time? The metal screws used by these stands offer no way to prevent rusting in your shower! Here’s a hack that will show you how to build your own out of PVC piping. Best of all, it is cost-effective, durable, and it won’t rust!

This is a Do-It-Yourself Shower Rack that will give you more space to place soap bars, shampoo, and scrubbing sponges! If you haven’t worked with PVC pipe, don’t worry! This project is straight forward and can easily be completed within an hour or two! See how you can use PVC to build this cool shower rack!

A Down-and-Dirty DIY Shower Rack Hack

Shower Rack Hack via: Lifehacker.com

What You’ll Need

• PVC Board
• PVC Pipe + Caps
• T-Connectors + Perpendicular Joints
• PVC Sealant & Liquid Nails

How it Works

• Use the PVC boards as shelves. You can cut slats in them so that water will be able to drain from the shelves. This will keep your soap bars from disintegrating because it’s sitting in water.
• Attach the shelves to the holders using Liquid Nails.
• Tension Rod system; A small PVC pipe fits inside of the main tube with a cap on each end.
• A spring tensions against another small piece of PVC that sticks horizontally into the main pipe from inside the top shelf.
• This keeps your shower rack in place without use of screws!

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