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A Different Lens: Part 2

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

This is technically part 2 of a post with the same title; however, the majority of this post, starting with the second paragraph, is the reason why I thought of ideological perspectives originally. Further, the topic I discussed in the majority of this post may at best confuse and at worst disturb extremely sensitive people. Nevertheless, I’m trying to be truthful in my views and I hope that you can appreciate this.

As I stated in part 1, looking through a different ideological perspective is a great way to become more educated and cultured. Wikipedia actually has a list of isms, that is, a list of different ideologies. I was surprised by how many different ideologies exist; it seems that there is no shortage of ways to view the world.

I got the idea of viewing the world through ideologies different than mine when I realised that I already do this. I’ll watch a TV show or film or listen to something on the radio and think, “If I was someone with X perspective than I would feel this way about what just happened.” The most recent time this occurred was today.

I don’t hold black and white views on many issues. I believe that the world is a certain way but that there are many ways to view the world, even if the reality of the world doesn’t change. This is especially true when I’m reading. I don’t view characters as evil or good because it’s boring. So, I have different perspectives than a lot of people do on certain characters.

One such character is Captain Hook of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. I viewed Captain Hook as bad was I was young. He was evil and Peter was good. My views  have changed since then and I now view Captain Hook as more sympathetic than Peter. Captain Hook wants revenge on Peter only because Peter cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile! I’d be out for revenge, too!

I also read a book called Hook and Jill by Andrea Jones which is based on the premise that it is Hook, not Peter, who deserves the reader’s sympathy. Look for it at your local library or buy it off of Amazon! There are some disturbing moments but it’s brilliant overall.

The above influences have led me to become a supporter of Captain Hook and Wendy (when she’s NOT a little girl). I think it works because it makes Hook into a better person and Wendy grows up without completely letting go of Neverland.

I watched a Hook/Wendy fan video recently and began to view it through a feminist perspective. I’m not a feminist, but I’m not going to get into that now. I realised that the many fictional couples, whether canon or fan-preferred, consist of a strong male rescuing a weak female from a situation. I realise this observation isn’t new, but the video below did bring it to my mind again.

I realise that the above is a little, shall we say, unique. I still feel that it, just like most things, can be viewed through many different perspectives. It makes me realise that almost anything can be viewed in a slightly different way. I think that I’m going to try to open my mind more in the coming week and try to see life through several different perspectives. It’ll make life more interesting at any rate!

BTW, please comment! I’m really curious to see what you think of the above. If you want to comment, “Ew, that’s weird,” great! I just like to have some idea of what other people are thinking!


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