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A’ Design Awards- Late Call For Entries

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool

The “Call for entries” articles promoted by A’Design Competition, the annual contest for the best designs in the world is coming to a close, you have a few more days to apply and be awarded with an exclusive prize! If you are working in the creative field you should not miss this opportunity to submit and compare your work with tens of the best concepts in the world, be it architecture, fashion, industrial, jewelry etc..

The idea of the whole project is to give awareness for good, practical, functional and beautiful design and you will now want to miss your chance since there are over 100 categories to choose from. Below we have listed 10 of the best 2015 concepts from 10 different categories defined by A’ Design Awards.

Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design

Chessset Chess Set by Duval Patterson


Made from birch hardwood, dowels and blocks, this traditional game is presented as a work of art and fun and practical piece. Assembling the pieces was the main challenge for the designer and no carving was involved.

Digital and Electronic Devices Design

GRUNDIG TR 1200 RADIO Radio by Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Can Onur Vanci

grundig tr 1200

This radio combines a vintage design with modern technology being also very easy to use. In fact the volume knob is placed in the left side and the radio frequency knob is positioned on the right side which will turn a large dial with the help of illuminated indicator.

Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design

Organic Design Set Ceramic Sanitaryware Set by Tolga Berkay

tolga berkey sanitaryware design

The whole idea came up from human skeleton structure relaunching an elegant human bone system. Organic design is a concept which belongs to the world of nature and artist Olga Berkay nailed the point.

Energy Products and Devices Design

Torchia Lighting and Charging Unit by Hakan Gürsu

Torchia Lighting and Charging Unit

The lack of a durable and portable emergency unit in the market has pushed Hakan Gürsu to create a lighting and charging device. Torchia is a solar LED lamp/charger that fits in multiple outdoor activities.

Street Furniture Design

The Zephyr Multifunctional Bike Storage Bollard by Barrier Group

the zephyr bike storage

As the world is turning people’s minds into eco and sustainable living, the Barrier group has developed a one-piece-cast and cutting edge bike rack. Durable and aesthetically pleasant it feature a strong sculptural form.

Musical Instruments Design

Riversong Tradition Acoustic Guitars Adjustable Acoustic Guitar by Mike Miltimore

Riversong Tradition Acoustic Guitars

Designer, store owner, guitar tech-savvy, and sound engineer Mike Miltmore has put all his efforts to meet traditional guitar design issues such as neck stiffness and angle melting these technicalities with a stunning modern and traditional lines.

Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products Design


brum brum

The wooden well balance bicycle for kids has been given the name of the rumbling babies make when emulating the dad’s car when moving.It feature shock absorber and finger-safe discs.

Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design

Epi-Happy Tableware by George Drakakis

epi happy

The Mobius strip inspired concept, is heavily influenced by the works of Escher too. The ceramic tableware shows two-dimensional repeatable decorative patterns.

Sports, Entertainment And Recreation Equipment Design

Nemesis Fins Swim fins by Speedo USA

Nemesis Fins Swim fins by Speedo USA

Comfortable looking with ergonomic foot pocket features and floating properties this product idea comes from a whale pectoral fin shape.

Prosumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design

Totem3D a high definition 3d printer 3d Printer by Jody Del Bianco

Totem3D a high definition 3d printer

The 3d printer sector is starting to revolutionize the product manufacturing worlds and Jody Del Bianco support it by presenting this Moai of Easter Island shaped totem.

a design award

If you have a creative mind and a spot on design to propose to the world, do not hesitate to apply and submit your work HERE, there are tons of categories where your idea would fall, some of the are packaging design, advertising, communication design, photography and photo manipulation design, graphics, interior and exhibition design!

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