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A Day of Sudden Surprises

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

‘Friday the 13th’ has always been a superstitious day with people talking of black cats, avoiding ladders and jumping over cracks. Even though our view of ‘Friday the 13th‘ tends to be negative and filled with superstitious traditions, there is more to this date than meets the eye, yet there is something familiar.
Supertitious Black Cat
Fridays. Best day of the week. End of a long period of carpooling, working and constantly going from here to there. We look forward to Fridays but Fridays seems to usually bring many surprises along with it. The word Friday comes from the word “frīġedæġ” meaning “day of Frige“, a result of an old convention equivocating the Old English goddess Frige with the Roman goddess Venus (information provided by Wikipedia). The number vibration of “frīġedæġ”, the original word for ‘Friday‘, is the Master Number 11. With this number vibration contributing to the energy of the day, Fridays bring sudden events that require quick decisions. Doesn’t it seem like every Friday there is always something coming up before the weekend that requires quick thinking? While we deal with these sudden events though, we must remember to stay calm and balanced to get through those challenging times. With Fridays naturally being a day of sudden situations, the number 13 brings this quality out even more.

The number 13 always seems to have a dark shadow cast over it. No one can seem to give the number 13 a break. Even hotels leave out the 13th floor. Yes, the number 13 in a numerological view, does represent death, but not in the way we see it. Death merely represents the change from one life path to another and the number 13 has the energy of constant change. There is no middle ground with the number 13 though. It is all or nothing with this number and only a few ever feel the positive “all” vibration because most are focused in on the “nothing” energy of the number 13. The vibration of 13 is strong by itself, but when you add the energy of “frīġedæġ” to the equation, you are looking at even less stability in occurrences.

The Number Vibration of the number 13 and the word “frīġedæġ” put together comes to 53/8. This number will bring sudden events to your door step two-fold and on top of the out of the blue situations, karma will be involved in every occurrence presented. So choose your actions wisely, for the type of energy you contribute to the situation will come back around to you with twice the energy. Do not expend all of your energy on just a single event, for you will need your strength to continue dealing with each surprise, both good and bad, that will come at you all day.

Instead of looking at ‘Friday the 13th‘ as an omen of ill will, negativity and filled with superstition, we should use this date as a reminder that change can come in an instant and how we deal with that change will impact us on a level we thought was not possible.

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap”

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