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A Day in Our Life

By Everywhereonce @BWandering

On the Internet Nobody Knows You're a Dog

And on travel blogs nobody knows your life isn’t an endless string of vacation days. Sometimes everyday life does intrude, even if we don’t share those aspects of our travels every single day.

Eventually someone will ask us, “What did you do in Cambodia?” I’m posting this by way of reply. 

For me the day in Phnom Penh started off with a stop at a random barber, because all my barbers are random these days. The good news is that the cut cost me all of one U.S. dollar. The bad news is that it was worth every penny.

Cambodian Haircut

After the cut I consoled myself with an iced coffee just as sweet as it was large. Vietnam had spoiled us with their mocha coffee concoctions. We never found anything quite as good in Cambodia, but these little mobile coffee carts were a welcome break from the Nescafe so often served elsewhere.

A Day in Our Life
A Day in Our Life

It also happened to be laundry day, which meant taking some of the five shirts I still own to the cleaner.

A Day in Our Life-1

With those chores finished I settled into a hotel balcony chair, coffee in hand, to stare at a blank page hoping to get some work done.

A Day in Our Life-2

If I managed to write enough I’d reward myself with some evening cocktails.

That last part is a joke. Every evening gets rewarded with cocktails. Sometimes, every day really is like vacation.


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By Sam Williams
posted on 03 March at 12:20

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