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A Dash Of Yellow

By Vsudarsan

It is bright and beautiful here! Sun is radiating yellow glow all over the place. A sight that is very uplifting and energizing. I was wondering how it would be to bring the same dash of yellow into the home as decor accessories or furniture to see if it will have a similar effect. After carefully picking these spaces, I am quite convinced that these rooms have a higher level of energy to entertain. And, they seem more lively and a place one would want to be.

I also read recently that yellow color in chromotherapy is supposed to stimulate the nerves and purify the body, but at the same time, too much of this color can be overwhelming for the body and mind. Therefore, I think a dash of this color will work better in places you might not even consider. Well, scroll through, and tell me which room is your most favorite and would you bring in a dash of yellow in your home? BTW, I am a huge fan of "House to Home, UK" and I was not in anyways compenstated to write this blog post for this site.

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