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A Collection of Bathroom Vanities with Curved Fronts

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

This is a list of bathroom vanities with elegant curved fronts. With rounded curves, these bow front vanities are modular pieces that alter depth perception in the bathroom. Sifting through pages and pages of vanities that don’t even fit your style can be cumbersome. This page will help make it easy for you to find the perfect vanity with curves in all the right places.

Sleek and stylish, these curved front vanity bases are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some models may appear to be duplicates but they are rather the same model shown in a different size or finish. Take your time and scroll through this list; your vanity will be the focal point of your bathroom. Make sure that you feel right at home every morning you wake up to start off the day.

Click on the image to view more details on a specific vanity. Shipping is Free and there is No Sales Tax on orders placed outside of California.

76 Curvaceous Bowfront Bathroom Vanities

1. Charlotte Single Bath Vanity (47.5″) – White

Charlotte Bow Front Vanity

47.5″ Charlotte Single Bath Vanity. $1679.00.

2. Thetford Single Bath Vanity – Espresso

Thetford Curved Bathroom Vanity

36.75″ Thetford Single Bath Vanity – Espresso shown with Cream Marble top. $970.00.

3. Ludwig Single Bath Vanity – Glass Top

Ludwig Bowed Vanity

35.5″ Ludwig Single Bath Vanity – Glass Top. $799.00.

4. Sterling Bowfront Single Bath Vanity

Sterling Bowfront Single Bath Vanity

36″ Sterling Bowfront Single Bath Vanity. $2100.00.

5. Zikas Double Sink Vanity

Zikas Antique Bathroom Vanity

54″ Zikas Double Sink Vanity. $1550.00.

6. Langreo Single Bath Vanity

Langreo Antique Vanity

53″ Langreo Single Bath Vanity. $1550.00.

7. Grand Regent Double Sink Vanity – Espresso/Phoenix Stone Top

Grand Regent Modern Bathroom Cabinet

63″ Grand Regent Double Sink Vanity – Espresso/Phoenix Stone Top. The upper apron is bowed outward to run flush with the counter top. $1299.00.

8. Tiffany Single Bath Vanity

Tiffany Curved Front Bath Cabinet

40.5″ Tiffany Single Bath Vanity. $3885.00.

9. Aria Single Bath Vanity

Aria Bowfront Vanity with Tempered Glass Top

40″ Aria Single Bath Vanity. $999.00.

10. Antillo Single Bath Vanity

Antillo Vanity with Travertine Top

58″ Antillo Single Bath Vanity. Shown with Travertine top. Also available with a gorgeous White Marble Top. $1499.00.

11. Truman Single Bath Vanity

Truman Vanity with Curved Front

48″ Truman Single Bath Vanity. $1150.00.

12. Roselle Single Bath Vanity – Chestnut

Roselle Wall Mounted Chestnut Vanity

35.5″ Roselle Single Bath Vanity – Chestnut. $1149.00.

13. Jade Single Vanity – Glass Top

Jade Espresso Vanity with Tempered Glass Top

48″ Jade Single Vanity – Glass Top. $1299.00.

14. Raquel Single Bath Vanity

Raquel Petite Bowfront Vanity

40″ Raquel Single Bath Vanity. $4200.00.

15. Ravenna Single Bath Vanity

Ravenna Curved Front Vanity with Espresso Finish

61.75″ Ravenna Single Bath Vanity. $2130.00.

16. Cerceda Single Bath Vanity

Cerceda Small Curved Bath Cabinet

36″ Cerceda Single Bath Vanity. $2,010.00.

17. Park Avenue Single Bath Vanity

Park Avenue Black and Silver Vanity

40″ Park Avenue Single Bath Vanity. $1785.00.

18. Simpatico Single Bath Vanity

Fresca Simpatico Round Glass Vanity

25.25″ Simpatico Single Bath Vanity. $939.00.

19. Whinfell Single Bath Vanity – Dark Mahogany

Whinefell Antique Vanity with Mahogany Finish

48″ Whinfell Single Bath Vanity – Dark Mahogany. $1518.00.

20. Nicoli Single Bath Vanity

Nicoli Transitional Vanity

48″ Nicoli Single Bath Vanity. $1099.00.

21. Taft Double Sink Vanity

Taft Double Bowfront Vanity

62″ Taft Double Sink Vanity. $1509.00.

22. Aquarius Single Bath Vanity

Bosconi Aquarius Rounded Vanity

28″ Aquarius Single Bath Vanity. $965.00.

23. Mordano Double Sink Vanity

Mordano Double Bath Vanity

55″ Mordano Double Sink Vanity. $1399.00.

24. Sterling Bowfront Single Bath Vanity

Sterling Bowfront Single Vanity

47″ Sterling Bowfront Single Bath Vanity. $3045.00.

25. Bonito Single Bath Vanity – Espresso

Bonito Single Modern Vanity

39.5″ Bonito Single Bath Vanity – Espresso. $815.00.

26. Energia Single Bath Vanity – Red

Energia Red Floating Bathroom Vanity

36″ Energia Single Bath Vanity – Red. $1049.00.

27. Humphrey Single Bath Vanity

Humphrey Curved Vanity

32″ Humphrey Single Bath Vanity. $1056.00.

28. Langreo Double Sink Vanity

Langreo Double Bowfront Vanity

60″ Langreo Double Sink Vanity. $2015.00.

29. Daytona Double Sink Vanity – Cherry

Daytona Cherry Wood Vanity with Ivory Top

60″ Daytona Double Sink Vanity – Cherry. $1489.00.

30. Charentes Single Bath Vanity

Charentes Single Bath Cabinet

38.25″ Charentes Single Bath Vanity. $1079.00.

31. Isabelle Single Bath Vanity – Walnut

Isabelle Walnut Curved Floating Vanity

47.25″ Isabelle Single Bath Vanity – Walnut. $1379.00.

32. Castille Single Bath Vanity

Castille Old World Fashion Bathroom Vanity

72″ Castille Single Bath Vanity. $3210.00.

33. Avaline Single Bath Vanity

Avaline Espresso Modern Bath Vanity

47.25″ Avaline Single Bath Vanity. $1259.00.

34. Octavius Single Bath Vanity

Octavius Curved Front Bath Vanity

60″ Octavius Single Bath Vanity. $1499.00.

35. Lambros Single Bath Vanity

Lambros Vanity with Travertine Counter Top

60″ Lambros Single Bath Vanity. Also available with Granite Counter Top. $1599.00.

36. Mercia Single Bath Vanity

Mercia Vanity by Bosconi

42″ Mercia Single Bath Vanity. $1315.00.

37. Tullow Double Sink Vanity

Tullow Curved Front Vanity Base with Travertine Top

72″ Tullow Double Sink Vanity. $1810.00.

38. Kariba Single Bath Vanity

Kariba Contemporary Wall Mount Vanity

44″ Kariba Single Bath Vanity. $1296.00.

39. Brittany Single Bath Vanity

Brittany Single Bath Vanity

42″ Brittany Single Bath Vanity. $1199.00.

40. Karalis Single Bath Vanity

Karalis Vanity Base with Curved Front

60″ Karalis Single Bath Vanity. $1599.00.

41. Monroe Single Bath Vanity

Monroe Cherry Vanity

40″ Monroe Single Bath Vanity. $975.00.

42. Antillo Single Bath Vanity

Antillo Single Bath Vanity

45″ Antillo Single Bath Vanity. $1075.00.

43. Bello Double Sink Vanity

Bello Modern Vanity with Round Base

61″ Bello Double Sink Vanity. $1699.00.

44. Windansea Single Bath Vanity

Windansea Classical Bathroom Vanity

29″ Windansea Single Bath Vanity. $641.00.

45. Bastia Single Vessel Sink Vanity

Bastia Small Round Bath Vanity

24″ Bastia Single Vessel Sink Vanity. $995.00.

46. Delia Double Sink Vanity

Delia Vanity with White Marble Counter Top

60″ Delia Double Sink Vanity shown white White Marble Counter Top. Also available with Travertine Top. $1599.00.

47. Demilune Single Bath Vanity

Demilune Antique Vanity

36″ Demilune Single Bath Vanity. $2625.00.

48. Mesa Single Bath Vanity

Mesa Single Bath Vanity

47.5″ Mesa Single Bath Vanity. $3150.00.

49. Monte Single Bath Vanity

Monte Bowfront Bath Cabinet

48″ Monte Single Bath Vanity. $1378.00.

50. Unico Double Sink Vanity

Unico Contemporary Glass Bath Vanity

63″ Unico Double Sink Vanity. $1699.00.

51. Arginio Single Bath Vanity

Arginio Zebrawood Wall Mounted Vanity

34″ Arginio Single Bath Vanity. $839.00.

52. Savena Double Sink Vanity

Savena Double Bow Front Antique Vanity

60″ Savena Double Sink Vanity. $1429.00.

53. Fratello Double Sink Vanity

Fratello Double Bath Vanity

59″ Fratello Double Sink Vanity. $1429.00.

54. Isabelle Single Bath Vanity – Chestnut

Isabelle Curved Wall Mount Vanity

47.25″ Isabelle Single Bath Vanity – Chestnut. $1379.00.

55. Abigail Single Bath Vanity

Abigail White Bathroom Vanity

47.5″ Abigail Single Bath Vanity. $1565.00.

56. Somerset Double Sink Vanity – Walnut

Somerset Bowfront Double Bath Vanity

62″ Somerset Double Sink Vanity – Walnut. $1698.00.

57. Jade Double Vanity – Cream Marble Top

Jade Contemporary Bath Vanity

72″ Jade Double Vanity – Cream Marble Top. $2099.00.

58. Infinito Single Bath Vanity

Fresca Infinito Modern Bathroom Vanity

24″ Infinito Single Bath Vanity. $1049.00.

59. Terzi Single Bath Vanity

Terzi Antique Bathroom Vanity

42″ Terzi Single Bath Vanity. $1099.00.

60. Daytona Single Bath Vanity – Cherry

Daytona Cherry Wood Vanity

60″ Daytona Single Bath Vanity – Cherry. $1699.00.

61. Antillo Double Sink Vanity

Antillo Double Vanity with White Marble Top

72″ Antillo Double Sink Vanity. $1699.00.

62. Washington Single Bath Vanity

Washington Round Antique Vanity

40″ Washington Single Bath Vanity. $1125.00.

63. Roselle Single Bath Vanity – Espresso

Roselle Espresso Modern Wall Mounted Vanity

35.5″ Roselle Single Bath Vanity – Espresso. $1149.00.

64. Theodore Single Bath Vanity

Theodore Curved Vanity Base

48″ Theodore Single Bath Vanity. $1269.00.

65. Energia Single Bath Vanity – Orange

Energia Orange Bathroom Vanity

36″ Energia Single Bath Vanity – Orange. $1049.00.

66. Ficarra Double Sink Vanity

Ficarra Antique Bathroom Vanity

72″ Ficarra Double Sink Vanity. $1599.00.

67. Sterling Bowfront Double Sink Vanity

Sterling Bowfront Double Vanity

60″ Sterling Bowfront Double Sink Vanity. $3465.00.

68. Thetford Single Bath Vanity – Black

Thetford Vanity with Curved Front

36.75″ Thetford Single Bath Vanity – Black. $970.00.

69. Patrician Capiz Shell Single Bath Vanity

Patrician Capiz Shell Antique Rounded Vanity

44″ Patrician Capiz Shell Single Bath Vanity. $3780.00.

70. Rotondo Single Bath Vanity

Rotondo Antique Vanity

32″ Rotondo Single Bath Vanity. $939.00.

71. Mordano Single Bath Vanity

Mordano Unique Bath Vanity

36″ Mordano Single Bath Vanity. $895.00.

72. Whinfell Single Bath Vanity – Light Walnut

Whinfell Old World Bath Vanity

48″ Whinfell Single Bath Vanity – Light Walnut. $1518.00.

73. Langreo Double Sink Vanity

Langredo 72 inch Curved Bath Cabinet

72″ Langreo Double Sink Vanity. $2209.00.

74. Delia Single Bath Vanity

Delia Rounded Vanity

55″ Delia Single Bath Vanity. $1550.00.

75. Castle Double Sink Vanity

Castle Vanity

72″ Castle Double Sink Vanity. $2799.00.

76. Karalis Single Bath Vanity

Beautiful Espresso Bathroom Vanity

48″ Karalis Single Bath Vanity. $1199.00.

Where to Find More High End Vanities

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