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a Ch-ch-ch-chilly Cheers

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys!! I really thought I’d get another post in yesterday but as it is in my life… sometimes the best laid plans fall by the way side.


OMG! I have a new lust worthy drink at the ‘bucks that is coffee and dairy free. So here it is….

Grande Awake Tea Soy Latte with 3 pumps Gingerbread!

It’s wonderful, just as good if not better than the pumpkin version. Who says Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Potato Free/Apricot Free/Peanut Free/Asparagus Free/Raspberry Free has to be not tasty and un-fun?!

Be warned: The Barista will look at you funny when ordering this. Possibly like you’re a crazy high maintenance person who probably needs OCD psycho therapy. But the end result is 133% worth it. Just hope you never have to see that Barista again.

Happy Holiday Cheers from me!

Be right back


My brother had a awesome day yesterday! And here’s why……..

He wore a leather jacket! Yep, life can’t get any better than that. I do NOT want to get in a brawl with that.


Basketball coaching is in full swing. Cut’s are over (thank goodness) and now it’s time to get down and dirty in 2-3 defenses, shuffle cut offenses, and a whole new set of perimeter drills for my guards.  Our first game is on Nov. 26th!

I have a very traumatic doctor’s appointment today at 3:15pm.


As you all get to know me better, you’re probably realizing that just about every doctor’s appointment is traumatic. I DONT LIKE DOCTORS! Anyways, I have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist. I’ve had it for years and it inflames my tendonitis really bad. I have to have it drained about once a year and today is D-Day. Aka, Drain Day.


The doctor puts this crazy huge needle into my wrist and sucks out all the light yellow juices. My wrist magically feels better about 12 hours after! I’m definitely going to try and get a picture of the needle for ya……… Gory!!

Tell me about you! I want to know………….

Do you have any injuries/health problems that keep you going back to the doctor all the time?

wrist drainage…………. total awesome sauce.

Do you like Thanksgiving or Christmas better?

I definitely like fall better than winter but I can’t get past all the presents to day that Thanksgiving is my favorite.

Have you ever been snowshoeing?

No! but I’m hoping this Christmas with Max.

What is 1 food substitution that you can’t ever make?

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