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A Case of the Green Eyed Monster.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

A case of the green eyed monster.

Okay so I know it seems a little peculiar that I’m literally rocking a green eye in the above pic – but hey, it’s the best fit for this title ever, am I right?

The truth is, I’ve found that since jumping into a relationship a little over 6 months ago, I’ve become, well… a little jealous.

Not overly jealous mind you, but just a little more possessive inside my head at times. I ask you is this normal when you begin an adult relationship? I can’t remember really.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get all insecure about every girl that crosses my path, but perhaps because now I’ve got something to lose, I’m like a protective tigress, and feel like I have to protect this weak and breakable thing called a relationship. I know it sounds silly, especially because as far as tight goes, we’re pretty solid – but I do sometimes feel a ‘pang’ if I spot a gorgeous girl on the telly. Thoughts of “eeek, is he going to have a freak out because he’s thinking if this works out he may never get the chance to tap that, or something like that ever again?” bounce around in my head.

Perhaps it’s because similar thoughts run through my own mind sometimes. Is this it? Will I be as happy and content as I am now 20 years from now? Will we still laugh together?

I guess I have to try and answer these questions how I would to anyone else that asked me. I won’t change my approach just because it’s me that I’m talking to.

The fact is that we can never be assured of anything in this life except death and taxes. The beauty of a relationship is that there are just two people involved, and you can make your own rules – find a way of life that works for you; and it’s because of that you can help to ensure your relationship isn’t in the fifty percentile that ends in Splits-ville.

Have faith in your relationship and your bond and your own rhythm as a couple, and if you keep worrying and feeling jealous and insecure, those feelings are going to find a way to creep in and ruin everything good and rosey and scrumptious that you’ve got going already. So stop it, silly girl!

A case of the green eyed monster.




What makes you develop a case of the Green-eyed Monster?

How do you cope with those feelings?

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