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A Busy Mama Must Have | FlipSide Reversible Jeans from Target

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
I went out today.
Okay, so it was only to Target to pick up a prescription and a few items of clothing for Little L, but it was the first time in days that I went somewhere other than Little M's preschool so I consider that rather successful.
Truth is, it has only been three weeks since Little L was born and I'm just not ready to have visitors, meet up with friends or even blog. I didn't think I'd feel this way as a second time mami, but I'm feeling rather BLAH and dealing with all sorts of real life issues which just bring me down. That, and I haven't stopped doing laundry!
And despite living in my leggings and being super comfy, I am tired of it. Sadly, I don't fit into my regular clothing which includes my large collection of jeans and I am on the lookout for an inexpensive pair that I can wear until I start dropping the pounds. Enter FlipSide Reversible Denim from Target.
This is where my frown most certainly turned upside down.
A busy mama must have | Reversible Jeans
A busy mama must have | Reversible Jeans by verybusymama on Polyvore

FlipSide at Target 
That's right people, REVERSIBLE JEANS!
I mean I actually felt a rush of blood to my head when I saw them on the rack at Target. It's just...BRILLIANT! It takes care of so many issues I and so many other busy mamas have such as:
1. Being on a major budget and not being able to buy new clothes. But for $35 you get TWO jeans in ONE! (prices start at $23).
2. Cutting back on laundry. No need to explain this one.
3. Stylish, fashionable AND stretchy - Two different patterns giving you more options for outfit ideas.
4. Two in one.
5. Again, TWO in ONE!
So what did I get? Unfortunately nada. I am sticking to my new budget and I only bought what I had planned on getting and the jeans weren't in the plans (to make sure I don't overspend, I go out with cash and leave my debit card at home). And today I just didn't have enough.
However, I WILL be back to get myself a pair and I'm thinking the dark blue denim - I need a little self esteem booster and those might help me get back on track.
What do you think? Would you get a pair of reversible jeans?

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