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A Bit from the Past

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Yamini
"This was another film which portrayed gays as normal", said Anisha
"But they are normal", said Pranita
"No, what I mean to say is that they didn't show them to have any feminine characteristics. I'm not quite used to it"
"Then better get used to it. Just because they are stereotyped doesn't mean they are so"
"For that matter, I often wonder if there is so distinct divisions like being a homosexual or heterosexual. The more I wonder the more I began to believe that there are no such distinct divisions. It reminds me of our school days. I never knew what homosexuality or heterosexuality was.
Don't you remember how there would be couples in our own fully female class. Or for that matter how many times were we attracted to someone in the class.
I can only talk about myself. Remember Shruti, I always liked her. I don't intend to say we had a physical relationship, but we did explore our sexuality I guess. Getting attracted to another was quite natural I guess. It never seemed otherwise. Probably at the same time we were fancying a boy from the neighborhood school and our classmate, none of which seemed wrong. I remember the rights and the wrongs were taught much later"
"I also remember the first time when had sex education class, I remember Niharika and Roma even asked a question on same sex couples. I remember how we were "reeducated" then. But we were too naive to be deterred by it, or should I say too bold to fall into all such traps"
"And now if I see how many of our class would call homosexuality unnatural, probably most of us. The society must have succeeded in its "correction" process but that doesn't nullify the past"
"You bring back the memories of Lekha", said Anisha after a long sigh.

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