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96 Per Cent

By Golfrefugees
Who designed a swept hosel for a golf club head?

As soon as we found out Callaway Golf were making claims regarding a swept aerofoil hosel for a golf club head we contacted their IP Counsel to remind them Golf Refugees had already designed, tested and proved the concept several years before.
We reminded Callaway they had supplied a wind tunnel model to help us perform comparative wind tunnel tests, held e-mail conversations with their VP of Design & Innovation and taken out design patents in the USA. Over the past few weeks we have been conducting a poll on our blog; asking readers to vote on who they believed designed a swept aerofoil hosel for a golf club head? Poll results are currently showing; 96% of you believe Golf Refugees designed the swept aerofoil hosel.
We would like to thank you all for voting and for your support.

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