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9 Ways to Write a Brilliant Wedding Blog

By Claire

Last week English Wedding made it into the list of the Top 100 UK Wedding Blogs. It’s a brilliant list and I’ve been checking out the other wedding blogs who made the top to bring you this blog advice:

9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  1. Have attitude! Rock n Roll Bride tops the list of UK wedding blogs. Kat Williams’s blog is compelling and powerful because she says what she thinks – this is a blog which is honest and real, and also happens to be packed with real weddings, blogging advice and bridal shoots – with a difference!Rock n Roll Bride top UK wedding blogEverything about Rock n Roll Bride has the attitude that defines Kat’s blog – it’s all about being different. While Kat’s alternative attitude gets us all hooked, her blog is exceptionally well branded, promoted and written. Rock n Roll Bride appeals to a wide audience (who doesn’t want to be this cool?!) and inspires many other great wedding bloggers, which is why this is the top UK wedding blog – by miles!9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog
  2. Pack it with personality. Rock My Wedding is second in the Top 100 UK Wedding Blogs. Charlotte and Rebecca write with a sense of fun and really luxuriate in their writing and wedding experiences. They’re glamorous girls with a passion for weddings – and it shows. Look at the comments they get on every blog post – Rock My Wedding has a successful community because of these gorgeous girls and their writing!
  3. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  4. Write creative and entertaining blog content. Men’s wedding website Staggered appeals to its target audience because it’s funny, well written and different. These guys must be the experts on writing hilarious wedding speeches – and once you discover their blog they will keep you amused for months. It’s what’s known as a ‘sticky’ blog – once you’re in, you stick around!
  5. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  6. Pay attention to your tone of voice. Annabel Beeforth writes Love My Dress and her style is beautifully positive and somehow soothing. Love My Dress is full of words like ‘glamorous’, ‘adorable’, ‘charming’ – all used to describe featured designers, real weddings and shoots – but as an avid Love My Dress blog reader I’d apply them equally to the writer!
  7. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  8. Create a cracking design. Two of the top 10 wedding blogs do this in a really stand out way: they’re Beyond Beyond and OMG I’m Getting Married. Each uses bold, bright graphic design to create instantly recognisable headers, graphics and content throughout their wedding blog. Be this gorgeous and engaging with your wedding blog, and you’ll attract a fiercely loyal audience.
  9. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

    9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  10. Be 100% dedicated. There’s no half measures: if you want your blog to be in the top ranking wedding sites, you have to pour your heart and soul into it. Top UK wedding photography blog is Marianne Taylor. When the list was published, this is the blog I was most curious about: how does a photography blog rank so highly alongside the ‘wedding bloggers’? The answer is excellent content, and lots of it. Check out Marianne’s introductions to her real wedding posts, and her sidebars full of wedding links – and I mean full! This is a great photography blog and a resource that will keep you entertained for hours.
  11. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  12. Be approachable. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings writer Lou has a lovely smile – she’s welcoming and writes from the heart. Visit Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and you’ll see Lou’s smiley face straight away – and she’s friendly and approachable. Just read her introduction to her blog (in the sidebar) and you’ll see exactly how Lou’s readers will identify with her and feel welcomed to this friendly wedding blog.
  13. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

  14. Keep improving your blog! I’ll use the English Wedding blog as an example here – in the last few weeks I’ve invited brides who blog to join English Wedding and share their stories. I’ve allocated a little more time to write some in depth features about weddings and the industry. I’m doing Problogger’s ’31 days to build a better blog’ (day 2!) and this blog post is helping me as much as I hope it will help you! While writing blog posts is my daily activity and keeps me smiling, research and improving English Wedding is always going on behind the scenes.
  15. Stake out your territory – own your niche. Steve Gerrard is the second photographer on the list of top UK wedding blogs, and his popularity stems from his distinctive style. Steve photographs adventurous and alternative couples as well as bands – and applies his fresh and exciting style to everything he shoots as well as to his website design. If you’re a bit alternative, write and design a blog that’s true to you. It’ll knock people’s socks off.
  16. 9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

More from the top 100 UK wedding blogs

Investigate the list of top 100 UK wedding blogs for yourself. This is a list you don’t have to have signed up to be a part of; it appeared out of the blue following a lot of hard work from site owner Christian at Easy Wedding Search.

9 ways to write a brilliant wedding blog

Christian’s good at this stuff, having devised the top wedding tweeters’ list as well. As far as I’m concerned though, The Top 100 Wedding Blog list is the list to be on!

Top 100 UK wedding blogs list

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