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8 Unusual Uses of the Safety Pin

Posted on the 10 February 2015 by Women_tips @womentips2013

8 Unusual uses of the safety pin

Forget all about the age old use of safety pins that is to attach two pieces of cloth together. I’ve put together some unusual simple uses of this tiny wonder.

1.Keep pairs of socks together

Do you often find one sock missing when you need to wear it as a pair? Then this is the solution for your problem. Keep your socks pinned together with safety pins so that you can keep them from doing the disappearing act just when you need them.

2.Clean your garlic press

Are you having a tough time cleaning your garlic press? If yes, then don’t worry, your problem is solved. Simply poke through the holes of your garlic press to clear out the clogs and keep them clean.

3.Zip your dress

If you have to zip your dress all alone, it can be quiet a task. Simply attach a safety pin to your zipper and tie a string to it and pull, you will get yourself zipped up.

4.Get rid of the static

Does your pant stick in a funny way due to static electricity? If yes, then attach a pin on the inside of pant, near the hem to get rid of the static.

5.Keep the sofa covers from slipping off

Are the covers of your sofa falling off? Are you few up of having to put them in place? Safety pins will come to your rescue. Simply pin them on to your sofa and they will also remain hidden.

6.First aid kit

They come in handy in a first aid box. Keep sterile safety pins in your first aid box which will aid you in pulling out splinters.

7. Rethread a drawstring

When your favorite pair of pajamas comes undone because the string has come off in between the cloth, then use the help of a safety pin to guide is through the pant.

8.Keep your curtains drawn

If there is a gap in your curtains, or they keep flying open, just use safety pins to hold them in place.

These uses of safety pins are gonna make you want to keep a bunch stashed away somewhere for you to use when the situation arises.


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