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8 Types of Guys That Girls Would Travel with

By Hendra @tukangminggat

After reading previous post,  “8 TYPES OF GIRLS THAT GUYS WOULD TRAVEL WITH” , it would be unfair if we don’t listen what the girls think about this issue. So far, I can see that both guys and girls share almost the same type of ideal travel mate. Bu since girls are from Venus, as John Gray said, they do add some more spices on her opinion, I can tell :D

Now Gentlemen, this is your turn to listen carefully on what actually girls want from you guys before accepting your invitation to travel together.


1. Open minded (72%)

He has to have a wide knowledge and extra curiosity about the tourism sites he’s going to visit–Farah

Girls hate the guys who act as if they know everything but in fact they pathetically don’t. Girls are going to lose respect from the guy who pretends to be able to read map but then leads them to nowhere. Girls will appreciate somebody who acknowledges his weaknesses and wants to learn new thing, somebody who could adapt to any culture shock and somebody who accepts differences and tolerance.

2. Humorous n funny (40%)

Well, guys, we don’t have to act like a fool as Mr.Bean or Jack Sparrow. Girls just need light jokes which would color her trip when boredom attacks. Some girls are not really into serious and tedious travel mates who always show their flat boring face. It’s their holiday, so make her day then!

3. Helpful and Caring (35%)

At least, guys should try to be somebody who knows what to do when the other needs favor. Girls hate selfishness and they want us to be more social-minded. A little help in need is a catchy and attractive action indeed :)

4. Independent and full of responsibility (25%)

No matter how strong the girls are in the outside, they will just remain fragile girls in the inside. They will still seek for reliable guys they could count on. Hence, they want an independent guy who are capable of managing himself before later managing any circumstance when traveling.

5. Not a Mr. complaint (22%)

Some girls do admit that they themselves are already being such complicated creatures. Therefore, for them,  guys doesn’t need to share the same “madness”. They hate when guys are acting so picky and started to complaint any tiny things–literally any! They feel screwed when we complain the meals, the bunk bed, the weather, the tiredness, the journey etc.

6. Adventurous (20%)

Someone who is willing to try out new things and who is up for an adventure–Marriane

FYI, girls also think that adventurous is now term for “sexy”. Abs might sometimes turn them on. But dude, let me tell you something, the greatest aphrodisiac is not on the six pack thing. It’s all about the activity! What are more fascinating for numbers of girl than starring at a  guy who is climbing the steep cliffs, trekking the mountain or riding the wave on surf board, regardless of his body type!


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7. Full of respect (15%)

Girls need some restricted space called respect, no matter how close you both are. They might want to be cuddled when getting exhausted, they might let your joke blows their mind when the trip is boring. But in the end they still want you to treat them respectfully as a dignified lady. You have to knows some DOs and DON’Ts which are applied if you still expect the second or third incoming trip.

8. Stay Alert on the Look (10%)

For us some guys, being a backpacker is all about messy look, so we don’t really care whether we haven’t taken shower or haven’t changed our clothes for weeks. But for some girls, appearance sometimes matters. Well, we don’t need to be super neat as in suit and tie. But at least, we don’t keep too much “disturbing fragrance” from our body for couple days.

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