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8 Types of Dorm Mate You Might Meet

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Dorm is like a mini melting pot where all travelers from different countries are gathered. They don’t know each other before, but they might be a very close travel mate afterward or they might be forever strangers to each other. It’s kinda interesting for me when traveling to a country and staying at a dorm room. There are any kind of characters I can meet or greet. The more often I experience the dorm room thing, the more the attitude I have to try to understand. Yeah, the adventure is always started from the dorm room, whether you will have new travel mate to explore the city, or you will remain a  single fighter ;)


1. Mr/ Ms. Congeniality

They greet every people who gets in, they start an interesting conversation and make all solo traveler feels like “Thanks God I am not alone here!” They almost know all Hostel guests’ name and where they are from!

2. Mr/ Ms. Getting TOO MUCH Congeniality

Meeting a new friendly and interesting friend when traveling is indeed fascinating. But when they want to follow all your daily agenda, when they never stop talking, when they don’t understand that sometimes you need a “ME TIME” session yet they loyally stay beside you all the time, ok, Mr/ Ms. Congeniality, you’re getting too much!

3. The Invisible

All you see is only their backpack or suitcase near their bed. You never see them personally ever! In the early morning they are already gone and in the late night when you get back to the room, they have “disappeared” under the blanket. You never have a chance to say hi even until you or they check out the hostel.

4. Gadget Freak!

They prefer to make out with their cellphone or their notebook any time and any where. In the bedroom when waking up, in the living room when gathering with the other, even in the dining room when having breakfast. They don’t care about the rest. The only interaction they made to you is “hi, what’s up?” and then again going back to the monitor.

5. The Drunken Master

This kind of guests usually screw up in the very late night after partying with some friends. Smells like beer jugs, they giggled while opening the room door or staggered into the room, hit some furniture and then grumbled to themselves.

6. Snoring Guy!

Yeah, this is frustratingly annoying, hearing them snoring like a hoarse lullaby when you’re in the middle of your nap. Yet you have no other choice, unless you accept and enjoy it, or you move to the other room :D

7. The “Two Become One”-er

This is so intolerated! Sneaking in the darkness, joining their couple’s single bed, making such irritating sounds like unnecessary bed screeching, skin colliding, flirtatious sighing. I mean, get your own private room!

8. The “I Need a Privacy but I Can’t Afford a My Own Private Room.”

They are much more like the gadget freak, but without any gadget. They are not really keen on interacting with the other. They enjoy their solitude. They prefer to sit alone in the corner of living room. They just nod or smile slightly, or the worst is, maybe they don’t think that you’re exactly there.


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