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8 Tips for Extra Confidence! Go You Good Thing!

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

The concept of self-confidence can be easily misread but – hey, trust me – I’m not talking about the type of confidence that parades as arrogance and nor am I meaning the the exaggerated level of self-belief that presents as head-up-bum-ness. The concept of self-confidence that I’m banging on about here is that sense of feeling good about yourself and your place in the world. It’s an important key to success in any walk of life and you’re much more likely to be satisfied and content when you have a healthy dose of it. Here are eight tips for extra confidence that you can start implementing today:

8 tips for extra confidence! Go you good thing!

8 self-confidence tips for feeling great!

1. A good self-esteem and self-confidence are usually a pigeon pair. People with good self-esteem value themselves and think, speak and behave accordingly. One good way to improve your sense of personal worth is to make a list of your accomplishments and achievements every day. I bet you’ll surprise yourself by noting just how many positive acts you perform every day in your busy life, but of course many of these would have gone previously went unnoticed. This activity’s a guaranteed self-confidence boost!

2. Set clear SMART goals. Break your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks and give yourself a hearty cheer every time you conquer a minor goal, as it means you’re one step closer! It will boost your self-confidence, and keep you on track to achieve your bigger goals.

3. Enlist the help of a mentor who can support you in reaching your goals. Ideally a mentor is someone who has experience in what you are trying to achieve  and, remember, many successful people choose to be assisted by a coach or mentor. Speak with your mentor regularly, and seek advice and support in order to learn from him or her.

4. Choose to hang out with people who are positive, supportive and respectful of you. In turn, give them the same kindness, support and respect that they give you. Have the belief that your time is way too precious to be spent with negative people who are critical, taxing or drama-queens. Most of us have had experience with the type of  toxic relationship that can really suck self-confidence and drain your energy tank and it’s all so hard, isn’t it? No. More. Dump ‘em from your friends list. Now.

5. Take some pride in your appearance and pay a bit of extra attention to how you look. Being well groomed can make you feel so much better about things. Although some days it may feel a bit of a hard task, taking the time to care for your appearance will pay-off ten fold as others notice your radiance and  confidence. There are truly times too, when a lack of attention to appearance can negatively influence how others relate to you, and yep, that’s sad but true.

6. Don’t be afraid of failures. Mistakes and failures teach great lessons, so take them in your stride; move on, and say to yourself that you will nail it the next time. Try not to let failures overwhelm you or they will attack your self-confidence. Just be sure that (1) your expectations are realistic, and that (2) you are prepared to dust yourself off to face new challenges. Persistance is a great companion to self-confidence.

7. Keep in your body healthy by exercising regularly and eating foods that nourish your body. A fit, healthy and energetic body promotes a fit and healthy attitude.

8. Enjoy a diverse range of interests and hobbies and take an active interest in what’s going on in the world. Enjoy meeting and talking to many people and be genuinely interested in the wider world around you. Being connected to your environment and community will keep your mind busily occupied and boost your self confidence.

When self-confidence is playing hard to get, like it can sometimes, you know, reminding yourself of these tips should help bring it back home where it belongs!

Can you recall a time when your self-confidence took a bit of a nosedive? What did you do to pull it all together?

8 tips for extra confidence! Go you good thing!

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