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8 Things You Can Do with Your iPhone Headset

Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Anna Peterson

You may use your headset on a daily basis, but there are some things they can do that we guarantee you haven’t thought of!

Headset Tricks

Today we’ve decided to go over some useful tricks that will help you use your iPhone with more ease whenever you need to use a headset.

8 Tricks for Your iPhone Headset

Whether it is an original Apple headset, or a third-party one, three buttons is all you need to control your music, audio in general, and Siri.

1. Play/Pause: Click once on the middle button to play or pause a song.

Play and Pause Music

2. Fast Forward: Click twice and hold the middle button.

3. Rewind: Click three times, and hold the middle button again.

4. Skip to Next: Click twice on the middle button to skip to the next song.

5. Skip to Previous: Click the button three times in the middle to jump to the previous song on your list.

6. Siri: Hold the middle button to activate Siri.

7. Capture: Click the + button to take a picture if you are using your Camera App.

8. Answer, Hang Up, Reject: Click the center button to answer calls or to hang up. Hold the button to reject a call.

Hope you found this helpful!

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