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8 Quotes About USA’s COLONY That Sums up the Appropriate Reactions

Posted on the 15 January 2016 by Geekasms @geekasms
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8 Quotes about USA’s COLONY That Sums up the Appropriate Reactions

The debut of a new show of course came up in Slack conversations, and we have the appropriate responses to USA’s Colony.


The USA Network has debuted a new alien-occupation thriller series for the masses to ingest and become anxious over.  Giving a sense of mystery ala LOST, the series shows some potential, but hasn’t exactly hit the sweet spot with a few of us, especially Sarah Wayne Callies character and acting as a whole:

Regarding Callie’s acting and “range”

J – I watched Colony with Sawyer, Parsons was right—Lori is Lori; or the doctor from Prison Break

M – It’s like she’s playing the same character isn’t it? It’s just not me, right?

J – No, i think her range is “boiling under the surface”
Director: give me angry!
her: I have simmering resentment under the surface
director: SIGH. Whatever

M – And she does the EXACT same thing and faces in every sex scene she does.
And she always had a look of uncertainty. Like she’s not sure they’re still filming or not.

J – “am i supposed to be enjoying this?”

The likely appropriate response to this conversation

W – In guessing TV guide won’t be using your quotes for the launch issue.

You’ve definitely convinced me to hold off.

And what could be considered the “official” review of the pilot.

J – Well, the pilot was ok. A lot of setup. It’s just that it seems like some characters are in it and some are cashing a check

W –  I’m only interested in cashing checks if it involves breaking necks.

We’ll toast to that!


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