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8 Energy Boosting Muscle Toning Moves

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Health_news

muscle toning moves

The growing awareness about fitness and health made people conscious about their bodies. They have started adopting exercising as a part of their daily routines. There are certain moves that can help them to boost their energy and tone their muscles in an effective manner.

Some of these killer moves are as under

  • Picking up sticks-Though, this exercise seems to be quite simple, it can offer great results. This exercise targets butt, abs, quads and hips. You need to stand with feet apart, almost at shoulder level and arms by your sides. You need to lunge forward with your one leg and pick up the sticks. 90 degrees bend must be there in the knee. After returning to the starting position, carry out this exercise with another leg and complete 8-10 repetitions. Slowly and gradually the number of sets can be increased.
  • Air Guitar-This is another exercise that can help in toning muscles. Stand with your feet wider and it should be more than shoulder apart. Arms must be placed on the sides. The weight can be shifted to the right and the knees should be bent at 90 degrees. One has to lower his body in a deep lunge move while keeping left leg straight. Right elbow can be bent low keeping left elbow forward.
  • Namaskara Pose-In this pose, you have to stand with your feet hip width apart with elbows bent with hands coming in the front in a prayer pose with palms pressed together. The shoulders must be kept squared and one needs to lunge diagonally forward with the right leg in the front while crossing it to the outer side of the left leg bending knees at 90 degrees.
  • Tuck and Extend-This move targets lower back, abs, hamstrings and butt. In this move, you have to stand with feet hip width apart. He elbows need to be bent with hands brought forward and palms facing each other. Left knee needs to be bent and brought above almost to the height of the hip with foot flexed and bent upwards at waist getting into the luck position.
  • Go from tadpole position to frog-Go into full up position on the mat balancing toes and hands with arms extended. The body must form a straight line from heads to heels. Arms must be tucked by the sides bending elbows behind the chest.
  • Needling the thread-With push up this move needs to start with hands and toes being balanced and forming a straight line. Right hand needs to be lifted from the mat and brought under the torso while turning the head into the same direction.
  • Rocking boat-One needs to lift legs and balance the entire weight of the body on the hips. The arms can be kept overhead. You will find a tug on your abs.
  • Crossing the river-One needs to stand on one side of the mat that has been kept lengthwise and jump from one side to another while keeping elbows bent.

These moves can help in toning muscles in an effective manner.

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