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76 Days...

By Leavesandstems @leavesandstems
76 days have passed since I last posted a blog... well one with some substance anyway...
Wow. So very much can and has changed in 76 days. The easiest way to tell you all exactly what I have been doing is to write a list... so here goes.
I broke off my 2 and a half year engagement to Ben. Yup. So that's part of the reason I've been missing for oh so long!
I went to Adelaide for the National Finals of Interflora Florist of the Future and placed Third over all - so that means I am the third best florist under 25 in the country... I was pretty excited! I won first prize for the Jewellery item and Second for the Horse sash - YaY! I'll post some photos.
Wedding Season is in full swing. That's exciting
I've worked with some super lovely Brides so far!
It was spring!! That meant Gardening like mad!! Everything in my garden has loved the TLC after the long, cold & wet Winter. Getting on top of the weeds and I have widened one of the Garden Beds (hoping to widen another one shortly) to make room for lots of new plants I have established from cuttings or brought back to life from the florist!! My Iris were just beautiful this year....
76 Days...
I have just harvested my Peas & Snow Peas. I was hoping my onions would be ready in time for Christmas - not quiet!! The Garlic has shot up it flower spikes, my lettuce is growing like mad along with the Tomato's and I've had around 2 dozen Strawberries already - super yummo!!76 Days...I've also just been having some "ME" time. Going out with my friends, making some new lovely friends and spending time with my family & the precious Layla & Hamish
annnnnd It's Christmas in three & a half weeks - CRAZY!!
Ohh and not to forget my Birthday just after!!
76 Days...
I also have a new member in my little family. His name is Bentley Bunny... or "little one" as he is affectionately known! He is a Mini Lop and super duper cute! Mr Tinkles is even warming to him slightly!!
So that's it. Plus everything in-between.....
More Blogging to follow in the next few days... soo much to share
Love xx

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