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73 Resources for Online Freelance Writers

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless


So I wanted to share a link for all of you writers out there. I’m not a big link share or list gatherer but while I’m trying to be on list I might as well send out a few that I feel are more than which it. List that I reference or links to articles which contain a list of links to other web sites yada yada yada yada will always be in 1 word b*****. My linkage will always be amazing and not a waste of your time. Vintage isn’t always memorable or prize worthy but in this list 2009 is the creation date so if a few links are not in working order get over it the list is fabulous on its own even if there were 3 working links. If you find this list credible, workable, functional, or amazing don’t thank me thank reliable and those who really knows her s*** there who came up with this amazing list. Reliable Writers


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