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7 Best iPhone Camera and Photo Editing Apps

Posted on the 17 March 2015 by Rohit Sharma @rohitsharmacr

Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus have no doubt the best mobile cameras so far. The pictures can be made much more beautiful using many different apps.

Just a quick update from the industry regarding camera apps;

Latest rumors suggest the iPhone 6S will be getting a decent camera upgrade and more RAM< which should make using this range of photo editing and camera apps all the more fun.

Anyways, here is a list of 7 best iPhone camera and photo editing apps.

7 Best iPhone Camera and Photo Editing apps

  1. Manual:

The most interesting new camera feature of iOS8 was the capability of changing the exposure settings. You can do basic changes in the built-in app but you can also get more control easily over ISO settings and shutter speed by using the Manual app. By using this app you can even take pictures of fast moving objects in dark light. Manual is a camera shooting app and you would not be able to edit pictures in it later.

  1. Photoshop Touch:

You can give your picture a completely new look by using Photoshop Touch. You can work on the contrast, saturation, brightness of the picture effortlessly by using this amazing app. You can even give the pictures an effect of double exposed film by applying different options in different layers.

  1. Replay:

If you like moving images, then Replay is the perfect app for you. You can add text and music, cut scenes, and add filters and slow motion to make a perfect file for yourself. You can even choose from many different presets styles if you don’t want to do more work manually. By using this app you can simply choose clips and photos from the camera roll and turn them into moving images. When you achieve the required result, you can share the file using the same app. You can use the app Hyperlapse to apply time lapse and stabilization to your file.

  1. SimplyB&W

Black and white pictures are great for capturing emotions in your photos. SimplyB&W is no doubt the best app for changing any photo into black and white as it removes any distracting hues easily. To achieve best results, you can also alter the color levels by darkening reds and brightening the yellows. You can give the images a really classic look by adding dark circular borders using the same app. You can also apply filters or simply use the templates to attain the best result.

  1. VSCO Cam:

This is a simple image editor which proposes many different filter effects. With VSCO cam you can also add film grain. You can even tweak the exposure and give your pictures a great effect.

  1. SKRWT:

SKRWT is a great app to change the perspective of a photo. This app also corrects the distortion in the pictures and makes them look perfect.

  1. TinType:

If you like taking selfies, then this app is perfect for you. You can give your selfie a classic look by using sepia, monochrome and painted color effects. You canalso save the edited version without writing over the original picture. You can share your selfie by using the same app with your friends and family.

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