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7 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by Health_news

bad habits that drain your energy

Little things and some bad habits can take a toll on your health and drain all your energy and you may look tired all day. Some things you do and some you don’t, but both can exhaust you mentally and physically. This can affect the daily chores you are doing.

7 bad habits that drain your energy

  1. The water consumption in the body is low as you don’t drink enough water. This can make you dehydrated and this loss of fluid can lead to lower energy levels. This dehydration can cause the reduction in blood volume and making you feel tired.
  2. Iron Deficiency in the body can make you feel tired and the risk of anemia is higher. This reduction of iron in the body can make you feel sluggish, weak, and irritable and you cannot focus on anything feeling tired. Include eggs, kidney beans, beef, peanut butter and nuts in the meals. It is advised to get medical help.
  3. Most of us do not prefer eating anything in the morning. They usually skip breakfast and that is the biggest mistake they make. The body consumes the energy that it gets from the dinner. In the Morning, the body needs energy for proper functioning. Skip your breakfast and this habit will drain your energy leaving you sluggish.
  4. Lots of carbs and sugar are in the body of people who live on junk food. This intake of carbohydrates increases the blood sugar levels in the body. This can leave the body weak. In order to have a healthy body, eat lean protein, whole grain, brown rice and healthy food options.
  5. Learn to say no. People can take you for granted and you may end up saying yes for everything. This may end up you in a mess as there are hundreds of things to do which are physically impossible and you are drained out of energy.
  6. Consumption of alcohol before going to bed can depress the nervous system and interferes with the sleep maintenance. This is why some people wake up the middle in the night after drinking. Alcohol should be consumed three to four hours before going to bed.
  7. Drinking coffee before going to bed is not good for you. Having a morning coffee is a normal routine and is a no big deal. But consuming caffeine at odd hours can seriously disrupt your sleep and can lead to a sleep disorder later. It is advised to cut the coffee in the afternoon or consume it six to seven hours before going to bed. This will drain your energy levels, keeping you tired always.

There are many other bad habits that we commonly practice that leaves us drained of energy and if occurred in the morning one can ruin the entire day. Some examples can be multitasking, complaining, wasting a lot of time on social media, sweets and grazing items handy all the time and always on the go are some of the bad habits that knowingly or unknowingly affects our health leaving us weak and sluggish.  Every person has to overcome them to live a healthy and happy life.

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