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60 Fun Things About Romania, Found by a Brazilian

By Poundtravel
60 fun things about Romania, found by a Brazilian English: Romanian sub-groups - Transilvania Mo...English: Romanian sub-groups – Transilvania Mountains area, Romanians in original goral folk-costumes from Cluj Napoca. Pictures taken in August 2008. Wisła. Poland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A young man from Brazil who spent more time in our country and wrote on his Facebook account and impressions about Romania Romanian.

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florin. November 1st 2013, 9:46 AM. this list is too short,there are many other interesting things about Romania
still big :like: Reply …

The young man called Fernando Castilho Cintra and plays with a fine humor, the main feature – as we noted it – the country and its inhabitants, writes

1. From outside Romania, Dracula is a vampire;

 2. The same man, Vlad the Impaler, is a national hero;

3. While vampires drink wine, true red thing that I loved was drinking cherry brandy.

4. Another devilish drink is vodka, brandy Hungarians call, but the same thing;

5. Most Moldavia, Wallachia and others have no idea of what happens to Hungarians from Transylvania;

6. Romanians smoking a cigarette absurd amount. He smokes at home, in restaurants and even shopping malls.

7. Romanians always remove their shoes before entering the house;

8. I think that Romanians prefer to maintain clean floors rather than the lungs;

9. Departure from Romania are your best memories of my life: rivers, canyons, hills, mountains – Romanians have it all;

10. The roads in Romania are in a fairly good condition, but had an absurd number of curves;

11. Also, when you want to go to the toilet – do not worry! There are so many houses on the roads that will be easier to get into a bath than a bush;

12. Maramures is a very cheerful; cheerful, joyful costumes, bright colors … even a merry cemetery;

13. The only ones who are happy in Maramures are herding dogs. Not at all happy. Not like anyone. Run as hard as you can when you see one.

14. In fact, unless you’re in a city, whenever you see a dog in Romania, run!

15. Another tactic is to have all the time you small. And as I am a vegetarian, I did not mind to give small dogs;

16. Vegetarian being can say for sure that Romanians LOVE meat;

17. Stuffed cabbage, stew, bacon, sausage – all you lovers of meat;

18. Romanians eat soup every day of their lives;

Taxi 19 sites in Romania are ridiculously cheap;

20. Another easy way to travel is hitchhiking. Romanians do very often return the favor;

21. Romanians expect to pay when you hitch. Of course, you can say “I have no money” you get in your car, but you can probably find a driver frustrated scream “shut the door” on your sensitivity (true story);

22. The best way to travel to Romania, in my opinion, is the inter-regio trains. They’re cheap, comfortable, come on time and usually are quite lax (more catch and crowded trains);

23. However, you can stay in a train for 12 hours in the direction of Suceava – Mures, even during the New Year. Then you will understand what “crowded” (true story);

24. Romanians love to go skiing;

25. Skiing in Romania is absurdly cheap;

26. I took three days to learn to ski. Skiing is not for Brazilians or residents of tropical countries;

27. But once you learn you’ll love this sport. That opened a new door to me by my favorite part of Romania Mountains;

28. Romania has the best views you’ve ever seen in my life. All of them are from the mountaintops;

29. Mountains of Romania have beautiful trails for hikers, cottages for travelers to stay overnight and most daring places to put tents;

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30. By now, you should have guessed that a trip to Romania is absurdly cheap;

31. It is interesting that many Romanian never climbed the mountain did not;

32. What is even more interesting is that, most often, simple places like Mother Romanians overestimate or underestimate Monasteries in Bucovina and wonderful places (example – Bucharest);

33. Bucharest is a lovely city. Of course that does not have an architecture such as Budapest, Krakow and other cities in Eastern Europe, but has museums, parks and nightlife – what few cities;

34. People say that there are many stray dogs in Bucharest;

35. Frankly, I saw several dogs chasing me when I ride a bike than I saw in one week in Bucharest;

36. I have not seen very many stray dogs in Bucharest;

37. Romanian language is beautiful. Sounds nice and easy for Brazilians to learn;

38. “The beef is not dying of hunger” – and translate thought written in Portuguese;

39. However, the most obscure part of the Romanian language is dative;


41. Can you say “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty,” “I’m sleepy,” but you can not say “I’m tired”;


43. Romanians speak shoulders. Observe them! When someone says “Well, I do not know …”;

44. Follow the same exercise above and pay attention to their mouth, and chin;

45. Hungarians will not recognize this before, but Romanian accent. How to say “do not know” is the same thing as saying “Nem tudom”

46. My favorite way to practice my Romanian language was with me took hitchhiking drivers;

47. I often wondered what the hell do in such a country if you are Brazilian;

48. These drivers did not know that the Romanian health system is incredible that there is a murder rate lower than in Norway and is the country with the fastest growing economy in Eastern European countries;

49. In general, Romanians complain of Romania. They are always complaining: politics, economy, society …

50. This thinking is completely wrong;

51. I learned what four seasons: hot, cold autumns, cold winters and superb springs;

52. Romania has all four seasons, with two huge advantages, unlike Nordic countries: winter sun there. Summer is not cloudy;

53. Romania has a nice fauna: deer often see, chamois are seen occasionally, wolves and bears are invisible;

54. I once walked in a bear – when I was closest to him;

55. Romanians are Latinos in speech, but not Latin blood;

56. When you walk into an office, you have to shake hands with men and women just waving;

Romanians 57. I expected the Brazilian to play football very well … WRONG:

58. Even a few months after the World Cup ended, I heard “So, you like the German team” … Go fuck!

59. Most Romanian 18 have only two dreams in mind: to move to England or move to any other country that is not Romania;

60. While Romanians dreams go, I dream that I will return someday.


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