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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Changing Car Tyres

By Mark Henry
6 things you shouldn’t do when changing car tyres

Changing or replacing a car tyre is something you'll find doing yourself every now and then especially when maintaining a new vehicle. Even if you've never done this before, changing a tyre isn't too much of a hassle as long as appropriate procedure is being followed. Here're a few things to avoid;

Areas at a significant distance from a trafficked road such as highways are best for car tyre replacement, especially when doing it yourself. If your tyre needs imminent replacement while driving on a busy road, pull the car safely to a side and call the repairs service only if needed; else do it yourself! Fair amount of room is required so that you can conveniently move and haul the equipment without troubling yourself or others on the road.

    Changing tyres on uneven or wobbly ground

Next thing you need when changing tyres is a flat, smooth and stable ground! Any attempt of doing it on grassy or gravelly surface raises certain risks like the jack could slip, trouble handling the equipment or worse, vehicle may slide forward if the ground is sufficiently loose.

Let's say you need changing a tyre on short notice and even found just the right spot but, what if there're passengers in the car beside you! Before beginning the process, make sure all passengers (humans and pets) steps out safely else you'll risk the entire thing including them. To have someone shuffling and moving in the car during tyre replacement adds unnecessary and potentially disruptive weight that'll make the job even more strenuous.

    Checking & working under a raised vehicle

A car jack is essential to properly replace tyre(s) but, evaluating or working under the hoisted vehicle is most unwise. You should even avoid such temptation for safety as well as to perform the task in the most appropriate way. In case some work that may require you to slide under the vehicle must be performed with extreme precaution, care and at a proper repairs facility or a car service garage.

A car jack is to be used only at specific points of a vehicle to lift it safely without the risk of imminent crash, slip or any other accident. Being careless and placing the jack anywhere underneath the vehicle would mess things further so, consult vehicle owner's handbook to know the right lifting points. Just in case you're missing the book, there're plenty of details on the internet or perhaps you may contact customer help desk.

If the vehicle you're working on uses a manual gearbox, don't forget leaving in the right gear and turn off the engines. Gearstick should either be left in first or reverse because handbrakes operate only on two wheels. For cars with an automatic gearbox, leave it on "P" which is for "Parking".


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