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Top 5 Cars In Terms Of Technology, Design, And Fuel Efficiency

By Mark Henry
  1. 2018 Ford Focus: A trademark of the iconic American company, Ford, the Focus is becoming more and more popular as time progresses.
  • Technology: The infotainment system inside the car is up-to-date as Bluetooth, voice controls, a USB port, etc., are at your disposal. As with all latest car models, when one talks of safety, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is now a synonym for it. This system acts as a fully-automated security feature, aiding the driver in many ways, often by taking over the maneuverability of the car. The standard model comes with a rearview camera, but if you opt for the Titanium version, you gain such advanced perks such as blind spot monitoring, automatic high beams, etc.
  • Design: If there was one word to describe the exterior, it would be sporty. The interior is equally trendy, with quality material for enhanced pleasure, and more than enough legroom for driver and passenger. Cargo space is also excellent.
  • Fuel Efficiency: By averaging 25 city MPG* and up to 34 highway MPG*, the gas mileage is awesome, making the Ford Focus a truly cost-effective vehicle.
  1. 2018 Skoda Octavia: This is a sleeper hit vehicle as you can make out for yourself by reading the points below.
  • Technology: It is versatile technology-wise. There’s dual-zone air conditioning available and the touchscreen incorporates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. ADAS includes autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, etc.
  • Design: The unique element about the exterior of the five-door hatchback version is that it can still come across as a sedan, in a style which can be defined as a lift-back.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Even though more fuel is consumed by the manual version, the 110 TSI petrol engine consumes 5.2 liters/100km, which is great.
  1. 2018 Peugeot 308: One of the previous models of this line won the Car of the Year title for 2014. The 2018 release comes with all-new features and an upgraded design.
  • Technology: The 308 comes equipped with the Peugeot i-Cockpit which is a system that will completely modernize your driving experience. An 8-inch touchscreen and a fully configurable HUD are at your disposal.The ADAS is top-notch featuring the Hill Assist function. When faced with a dangerous slope, this function helps you to safely descend it by controlling the speed of the vehicle. This feature is especially useful in a Middle Eastern region such as Qatar where such terrains are usually encountered.
  • Design: The layout of the exterior is the epitome of sleek. Once you step inside, you’ll readily make yourself accustomed to the luxurious comfort of the interior, assuring a relaxing journey every time you take the 308 Peugeot out for a spin.
  • consumption is improved due to the Peugeot PureTech turbo petrol engine which is a tip-top 3-cylinder petrol engine that utilizes technology that places its efficiency level on par with bigger engines.
  1. 2018 Vauxfall Astra: Considered a noteworthy example among middle-range cars, the Vauxfall Astra is one which will fit nicely with your budget.
  • Technology: It’s up-to-date technology-wise. There’s an optional Keyless Entry and Start system which unlocks your car remotely by sensing your key. With a push of a button you can start or stop your vehicle. The Astra doesn’t fall short when it comes to ADAS as it includes smart lighting, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, and more.
  • Design: The exterior truly reflects the overall quality of the car. There are sharp lines which accentuate its outer features. And the initial feeling you get from looking at the car is how well defined it is.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Fuel economy is good as there are petrol and diesel engines ranging up to 200PS.
  1. 2018 Volkswagen Golf: One of the classic hatchbacks that is still in fashion today, you won’t go wrong with the 2018 Volkswagen Golf for a variety of reasons.
  • Technology: The interior is laced with all the latest that Volkswagen has to offer including the Discover Pro interface and an eight-speaker audio system. With a five-star safety rating, the Golf’s ADAS includes, but is not limited to, a backup camera, an automatic braking system, and blind spot detection.
  • Design: Spanning seven generations, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf has maintained its classic appearance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Not only will you get superb fuel economy, the Golf also comes packed with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, netting you a bigger bang for your buck in the long run.

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