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6 Things You Should Avoid When Traveling by Plane

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6 things you should avoid when traveling by plane

traveling by plane

Whether you take a short or long flight, it is important to feel comfortable in your clothes and at the same time avoid problems. Bright Side offers some tips for travelers about things they do not carry on an airplane.

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1. Clothing or jewelery containing metal It is no surprise that shoes with large metal ornaments or metal jewelery can make it difficult to make progress in the security area. What is unexpected is that some shiny sweaters may have woven metal wires in them. While you can easily remove the shoes as needed, removing a sweater might be more difficult.

2. Straight clothes Avoid tight clothing on your body, especially when your flight is longer than 4 hours. Persons on a long-distance flight are at risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein, usually at the foot. To prevent this, wear special compression socks, wearing comfortable clothes and walking as often as you can.

3. Summer clothes Even when you are flying in a warm country and you are tempted to choose summer flying clothing, remember that the airplane temperature can be surprisingly cold. Having multiple layers of clothing is essential for a comfortable journey.

4. Contact lenses On an airplane, the average humidity may reach up to 20%, which will cause the lens to dry and cause irritation to your eyes. If you have a long flight, it is recommended to remove your lenses, especially if you are sleeping.

5. High heels Airport security will ask you to remove your shoes. Not only can the heels be used to store forbidden objects but they have a metal construction base that will surely trigger the alarm. No one would like to sit barefoot on the airport floor. In addition, your feet may swell during the flight, so the shoes should be avoided.

6. T-shirts with offensive text You will not believe this, but there are people who have been forbidden to board the plane because of the way they were dressed. The reasons may be multiple: too large, short dress, left-handed pants, offensive jersey, bare legs or even leggings. While some of these decisions are questionable, try to stay reasonable when choosing clothing.

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