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6 Must Try South Celebes Culinary (Apa Kareba Makassar, Part 3)

By Hendra @tukangminggat

South Celebes culinary is very authentic with its special ingredients and its spicy taste. Here are ten must try foods you can find in town:

1. Horse Coto

As its name, this Coto uses Horse meat as its main ingredient. So this meat is cooked with herbs and spices as in Coto Makassar. I had the opportunity to taste this unique food on my trip to Tanjung Bira Makassar last November. The broth is thicker and flavorful, served with lemon juice that makes the meat tastier.

coto kuda

2. Yellow Rice

Yellow could be found here also, with variant side dishes like boiled egg, sauteed potatoes, shredded beef, etc.

nasi kuning

4.  Mie Titi

Mi Titi is another must try dish when visiting the city. Located in Jalan Datumuseng, The restaurant serves variant kinds of noodles. And of course, the signature dish is Mi Titi it selfs.  Enjoy the crispy grilled noodle which is topped by savory broth, vegetable and chicken meat.

mi titi

5. Pisang Ijo (Green Banana)

pisang ijo

5. Pa Piong

Pa’Piong is Torajan traditional culinary. What is special with this food is the way it’s cooked. Pa’piong usually puts all the ingredient (fish, chicken or any meat and spices like ginger, Toraja chili called Lada Katokkon, Burak or part of young banana) inside a bamboo which later will be grilled for a certain length of time.

pa piong kan

6. Palu Basa

Palu Basa is a perfect dessert at the scorcher day. The slice of fresh banana, served with shaved iced and topped with syrup and milk. This menu is perfect eaten after shopping around ria in the center of souvenirs Somba Opu or after panasan toast of t ria at Sejong and Fort Rotterdam


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