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6 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Today is International Golden Retriever Day!
I'm pretty sure the Goldens think that is every day in our house and I can't say I blame them!
So to celebrate the day, I thought it would be nice to share some fun facts about Golden Retrievers.
golden retriever day 6 fun facts about golden retrievers
6 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers
1. The Guinness World Record for loudest bark belongs to a Golden named, Charlie at 113.1 decibels - a chainsaw is 110 decibels.

And I thought Maggie had a loud bark!
2. Another Guinness Record belongs to a Golden named Augie who can fit 5 tennis balls in his mouth. 

Miley can't even fit 2! lol
3. A Golden can run 20-30 miles per hour.
Hmmm,  I wonder how fast squirrels run, the Goldens have never come close to catching one!
4. Oprah, Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, and Miranda Lambert all own a Golden.
Wonder if they'd be down for a playdate?!
5. A Golden Retriever can have something referred to as "soft mouth" which is the ability to carry an object in their mouths such as a raw egg without breaking it.
Tell that to my socks, slippers and remote.
6. Male Goldens raise their leg when urinating on a tree to appear tall and intimidating to other dogs.
Bruin is 3 and he has never lifted his leg. Ever.
Bonus! I'm going to share my own little fun secret fact.
Maggie is not a Golden Retriever, she's a Golden Labrador (shhh, she has no idea) but she has a heart and coat of gold just like Miley and Bruin!

It's easy to say, my house is not a home without my Goldens. Nothing compares to the welcome home each day with wagging tails and smiles of pure joy and love.
I am forever indebted to my Goldens...

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