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6 Father’s Day Gifts for Unconventional Dads

By Fcarletti

If your father — or papi, baba, tatay, pai, abba — doesn't really wear ties, hates fishing, and couldn't care less about "the game" (whatever the sport may be), he's not alone. Here's a roundup of Father's Day ideas for a different kind of dad.

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  • My papi is nurturing, curious and very quirky, so his father's day gift must be anything but conventional. I had him in mind when creating this list, but I hope these items can be easily adapted for your special dad. 
  • 1) Recreate a tender moment
  • Dad's don't always get the props they deserve for their nurturing skills, so why not dig into the family album and find a photograph that showcases his tender side?
  • If you're sneaky enough, you can recreate the original shot without him realizing it, then present him with a side-by-side shot that says "thanks for the love." 
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  • 2) Latch onto his taste in books
  • If your dad would rather read a few chapters than toss the ol' pig skin, he could probably use a good bookmark. All you need for this craft is a bookish dad and few simple materials. 
  • You can pair this craft with a text on his to-read list, or repair one of his old favourites and place your brand new bookmark at the beginning. Bonus points if you feature other family members or even pets.
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  • 3) Think of something he liked before he was anyone's dad
  • Before I was even a concept, my dad loved watching Astro Boy cartoons and reading Richie Rich comics. Think of something that would trip your dad's nostalgia wire and bring him back to a time when was a carefree kid. 
  • Maybe he would enjoy comfort food he hasn't had since childhood, or perhaps he would appreciate a "mix tape" of hits from his youth. 
  • Whatever it is, think of your birth date and make sure this passion predates you (or your oldest sibling, as the case may be).
  • 6 Father’s Day gifts for unconventional dadsAstro boy and astro dad6 Father’s Day gifts for unconventional dadsfiercefabil y a 7 heures
  • 4) Let him showcase his smarts - and listen carefully.
  • When I took my old man to see Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World at the ROM, he walked (nay, strut) around like he owned the place. He was more of an expert than I thought, and even became something of a tour guide for other curious visitors. He left the museum glowing.
  • What does your dad know everything about? Is there an art gallery, museum, public lecture or concert that would bring out the genius in him? If he's a birdwatcher, get him to a forested area. If he loves to cook, bring him a basket of ingredients and a recipe. 
  • Let him teach you, and listen intently. 
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  • 5) Have a movie marathon of his favourites
  • My dad, the atheist, snuck in to see Jesus Christ Superstar seven times when he was a teen. He also loves Phantom of the Paradise and a few other trippy rock musicals. 
  • Think of all the times you shot down your dad's movie suggestions, and round them up for a movie marathon that will make his jaw drop. Bonus points if you supply his favourite snacks.
  • Phantom Of The Paradise Trailermousepodil y a 5 années
  • 6) Let him know what he did right
  • If you were ever a teenager, chances are you've told your dad he has irreparably ruined your life. He stood between you and limitless freedom, or danced in front of your friends, or said something to embarrass you in public. 
    As this College Humour video notes, "Of all the things you considered your dad, a person was never one of them." 
  • The Six - The Six Ways You'll See Your Dadcollegehumoril y a 8 mois
  • Yep - a person. One who probably made some mistakes. But how about cutting the old guy some slack and reflecting on all the times he got it right? 
    Maybe you're a parent now and you get how hard it is. Maybe a lesson he taught you has really saved your skin. Maybe -- despite swearing you never would! -- you've grown up to be just like him ... and that's not such a bad thing. 
    Put it down in writing. Record it in a video. Or just try to tell him without choking up. He'll never forget it, and I bet he'll appreciate it more than yet another new tie. 
  • Have you come across a great idea for an unconventional dad? Please share it in the comments section below! 
    (P.S. Father's day is on Sunday, June 17th!)

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