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6 Delicious Recipes out of Pizza Crust

By Treatntrick
6 Delicious Recipes out of Pizza Crust @                                                                                                                                                             There are more than pizza  you could made out of  it.   And these  6 delicious recipes out of pizza crust prove it!   Click on each title to view full recipe..
How to make Chicken Calzone
If you are looking for savory treat, you should try this, stuffed with chicken.  Feel free to stuff with a variety of fillings of your choice.  Omit chicken and replace  with  veggies with cheese if you are vegetarian. 
                       How to make Chicken Calzone Recipe @                                                                                                     Yeast Pie Crust 
Turned the recipe into mini pies that are lighter in calories  stuffed with sweet filling
Yeast Pie Crust Recipe @
Pizza Dough Apple Hand Pies
Made with yeast free pizza dough  The dough  is super easy to work with.  You may choose other shapes of your choice.
Pizza Dough Apple Hand Pies Recipe @
Tomato Pizza Tart
A simple savory tomato tart  made with juicy tomatoes, topped with cream cheese, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, salt and pepper.  Play around with cheese or herbs  option but this  basic recipe is timeless.
Tomato Pizza Tart  Recipe @
Tuna Pizza Cups
These small bites are stuffed with spicy tuna.  Replace tune with chicken, meat or  sausage if you like them
Tuna Pizza Cups Recipe @
Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls Recipe @
These rolls taste exactly as regular pizza but the only difference is that it comes in rolls with a filling of your choice. They are practically great for parties, snack or lunch box.
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