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6 Amazing Cake for Raya

By Treatntrick
6 Amazing Cake for Raya Recipe @
After posting  Top 10 Cookies for Raya. , let's  have a look at  6 Amazing Cake For Raya  that are served during  Hari Raya (Aidilfitri)   for open house to guest, family and friends.
One of most famous cakes was Kek Kukus (Steamed Fruit Cake) that has been baked for more than 50 year despite emergence  of modern cake.
Most older cake recipes were time consuming  to  prepare like Kek Kukus (Steamed Fruit Cake), it requires 4 hours of steaming and Honeycomb Cake needs 3 hours resting time before baking.   So plan wisely before you start.
6 Amazing Cake for Raya.   Click on the title to view full recipe
1.  Honeycomb Cake / Kek Sarang Semut 
Honeycomb Cake/Kek Sarang Semut Recipe @
This cake has holes that resembles honeycomb,  this is  how it got his name.   Allow the batter to sit for 2-3 hours before baking to get that honeycomb effect.
2.  Kek Kukus (Steamed Cake)
Kek Kukus (Steamed Cake) Recipe @
Super moist and addictive fruit cake that was time consuming to make,  It takes 4 hours to steam yet after more than 50 years, it still remains most sought after cake during Eid.  It is challenging and at the same time rewarding to bake this legendary cake
3.  Tricolor Marble Cake Recipe        
Tricolor Marble Cake Recipe @
Similar to butter cake but the batter was divided into 3 different color.  Spoon layer by layer until all used up.  Swirl 3-4 times with a skewer.  You can choose other color of your choice
4.  Butter Cheesecake Recipe       
Butter Cheesecake Recipe @
With combination of cheese and butter, it produces  a delightful treat.   In this recipe, egg whites are beaten until stiff
5 Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe  
Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe @
If you love citrus in your cake, this recipe would make you love lemon even more.  Using lemon juice, lemon zest and lemon frosting.  It was AMAZING!
6.  Eggless Light Fruit Cake Recipe    
Eggless Light Fruit Cake Recipe @
This eggless cake was light with least amount of dried fruit.    It uses oil and yogurt but still turns out super moist and as good as the one with eggs

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