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50th Wedding Anniversary Idea – Balloonageddon

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

What do you get the parents who have everything?

Do they have balloons hidden all over their house? Some with faces?

I didn’t think so.

For my parent’s 50th I sneaked into their home with the intention of hanging streamers and then filling their small guest bathroom with balloons so when they opened the door…BALLOON SHOWER!

Sadly, the air mattress pump I brought to fill the balloons didn’t have the cajones to blow up the seventy-five balloons I’d bought for this purpose, and if you’ve ever blown up a bunch of balloons you know the unique combination of rubber dust inhalation and sore cheeks sucks. Passing out on their floor would have turned a surprise party into a trip to the emergency room. Imagine mom and dad walking into the house to find me sprawled on the kitchen floor. They’re old. I can’t do that to them.

So, to keep the puffing to a minimum, I decided to hide balloons all over the house and spring-load them in closets.

There were the easy ones, I tossed on sofas like the above.

But would I put them on a ridge? Would I hide them in the fridge?



Would I hide them in a moat? Would I hide them near boat? I don’t even need a dock, I’ll just put one on the clock.


Here’s the happy couple, getting ready for bed…


And a balloon in a case that looked like a head…


And streamers of course…


But the worse thing I did to them was give them a giant collage of photos of their marriage, from the first day to the latest. How depressing is that to watch yourself grow old in  a matter of seconds?? Even if you are gorgeous…


So if you’re looking for ideas… They seemed to like that one. Even the growing old bit.


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