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50 Years Later: Mystery Of Alcatraz Escape Endures

By Gerard @presurfer
50 Years Later: Mystery Of Alcatraz Escape Enduresimage credit
Fifty years ago three men set out into the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay in a raft made out of raincoats. It was one of the most daring prison escapes in U.S. history from what was billed as the nation's only 'escape-proof prison' - Alcatraz. Most people assume the men have been at the bottom of the bay or were swept out to sea since the night they broke free, tunneling out of their cells in part with spoons from the kitchen and climbing the prisons' plumbing to the roof.
But the legend of their escape has held that the men, Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin, would return on the 50th anniversary of their breakout. It's an unfounded rumor that drew an unlikely group to the island last week to mark half a century passed, including many of the Anglin brothers' family.
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