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{50 Ways To Make Your Summer Perfect!}

By Whimofthesouth
{50 Ways To Make Your Summer Perfect!}
I'm completely aware that I still have my 30 in 365 list to complete, but what's summer without one heck of a bucket list? Exactly. I know a lot of us are getting older and have jobs and don't think of summer as being much of an exciting time like it was when we were kids. But that doesn't mean we can't make it the best one yet! THE ULTIMATE SUMMER BUCKET LIST:1. Go to the beach (obviously.)2. Watch the fireworks.3. Attend a summer country concert.4. Travel out of state to a city you've never been before AND document the adventure.5. Swim somewhere there's a water fall6. Attend a drive in movie.7. Go on a blind date (because why not!)8. Sleep outside under the stars.9. Take a completely random road trip. Literally pick up and leave for a few days without a second thought.10. Go to a bonfire11. Create a balloon paint canvas ( when the balloons are pinned to the canvas and you pop them with darts!)12. Play beach volleyball.13. Go to the aquarium.14. Go boating.15. Host a cocktail party.16. Read 5 books. 17. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise over a body of water.18. Go berry picking.19. Go fishing AND catch something!20. Visit an art museum and really take in the art.21. Catch fireflies in a mason jar.22. Make a pillow lounge outside and have drinks with friends.23. Learn a new language.24. Take a DIY class.25. Run a 5K. 26. Get a white ink tattoo (I know I said I would never get a tattoo but a white ink one would be totally cool!)27. Take photo booth pictures! 28. Go to a theme park/ carnival/ fair.29. Revamp a piece of furniture.30. Host a backyard movie night.31. Meet someone random and keep in touch.32. Learn how to make jam and have it taste GOOD! 33. Go to the local farmers' market and buy fresh flowers.34. Play a round of golf.35. Buy new WHITE bedding with throw pillows.36. Find YOUR summer theme song.37. Bake something for your neighbors (and yes actually give it to them.)38. Hang your clothing from a clothes line instead of using the dryer. 39. Karaoke (it just has to happen!)40. TREAT yourself to a new Kate Spade bag. 41. Buy a Canon Rebel.42. Send a message in a bottle. 43. Dress like a hippie for a day (i.e. high waisted shorts, turban head band, oversized flowy top)44. Pay off credit cards.45. Try water-skiing46. Go to a baseball game.47. Go on a wine and cheese picnic.48. MAKE a flower headband.49. Make homemade lemonade.50. DOCUMENT IT ALL with disposable cameras and then get the pictures developed/ put on a disk at the end of summer! Your summer will now be the best EVER! You're welcome!xoBCC

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