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50 Facts About Me

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
I've seen this tag literally pop up on my blogger feed 8 times today! & I have absolutely loved reading them, some of the little quirks I've read have been so cute & funny. So I've decided to give this a go myself, jumping on the band wagon  & all that jazz..
  1. I want kids but babies generally hate me
  2. I had 4 pet rats when I was younger; Mitsy & Mopsy, Kim & Tabi
  3. I'm a hypochondriac
  4. I'm OCD.. If someone moves an ornament in my room without me knowing, it will drive me crazy until I find out what's changed!
  5. I'm obsessed with Man V Food, & will someday go on a food tour of America!
  6. I have been to France 10+ times on holiday & still cannot speak fluent French!?
  7. The majority of my DVD collection is Disney..
  8. My favorite Disney films are The Little Mermaid & Tangled.
  9. I have 3 teddy bears on my bed that are 22 years old.
  10. I went to college to study fine art before uni
  11. I started off at uni studying Costume.. But swapped to Journalism with no English or writing qualifications
  12. I struggle with foundations, only Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse agrees with my skin.
  13. I am allergic to Treseme, lavender & fairy liquid!
  14. The first time I watched 'The Strangers' it scared me so much that I actually slept on my Mama's bedroom floor for 2 nights.. Too scared to sleep alone (I was 18)
  15. I have been with The Creature for 2 1/2 years. My longest ever relationship.
  16. The Creature's pet name for me is 'Dumpy' -Because I am "small & round"
  17. I call him 'The Creature' because it was the first word that popped into my head after he first called me Dumpy!!!
  18. All my favorite foods are savoury
  19. I will never move back to Liverpool if I had the choice between there and Yorkshire.
  20. I am a hoarder when it come to home furnishings.
  21. I own over 200 pairs of shoes
  22. I was a dancer for 9 years & my group won the North West Street Dance Championships 2009
  23. I'll be moving into my first home with The Creature this summer
  24. When I was 8 & in The Brownies, I pushed a girl over whilst she was being enrolled because she pulled my hair and laughed!
  25. I do all the graphics and marketing for Central Park, an American restaurant in Doncaster, including their menus and posters.
  26. I got my 1st ever 'First' grade in uni last term for my PR project
  27. I have done a boudoir shoot, & 6 months on still paying for it! Whoops...
  28. My favorite perfume is CKin2u
  29. My favorite crisps flavor is prawn cocktail
  30. I don't have a label for my fashion style, it changes day to day.
  31. I have size 3 feet (2.5 in trainers)
  32. I am only 5 ft 2 & haven't grown since primary school...
  33. I'm very adventurous with food & have tried rabbit, snails, frog, kangaroo, croc, wildebeest, horse, ostrich, camel etc..
  34. I could sit and eat jar after jar of olives.. They're epic.
  35. Christmas 2010, a pipe burst in loft and the ceiling in my bedroom completely collapsed with 6" of water flooding my whole house. We didn't have a home for 8 months.
  36. Christmas 2012, someone broke into my house whilst I was the only one home.. It was the single scariest moment of my life.
  37. Me & Mama are convinced we have a ghost in the house.
  38. I have a big head.. No really.. I have to buy mens bowler hats!
  39. Every time I leave my flat I always worry I have left my straighteners on..
  40. I absolutely LOVE cooking & have applied for Come Dine With Me
  41. I live in Huddersfield.. The wettest windiest place on earth.. When its sunny in Yorkshire, we're under a black cloud?!?!
  42. I have a burn scar on my left arm.. Mama accidentally spilt boiling water on my arm when I was a baby & its the only patch on my arm with freckles?
  43. When I had a Blackberry I broke it 8 times in 2 years...
  44. I cannot keep a camera in working order for more than 6 months.. I will now never buy a camera worth more than £50..
  45. At the Creatures house we have 36 dogs, 7 horses, 3 cats, ferrets, a budgie, a hamster & a tonne of koi carp
  46. When I'm older I really want a leonburger or Newfoundland puppy!
  47. I'm terrible at saving money.
  48. I have 2 big tattoos & cried both times!
  49. My fur coat was my Nana's in the 70s
  50. When I went to Leeds Fest 2010, I came home with cracked ribs from falling from 6 ft off some ones shoulder and onto a mans bent knee.... ouch.
50 facts about me    Wowza.. That was difficult. One of my facts was genuinely almost "I'm struggling to think of 50 facts about me".. & besides, I was getting distracted by mountains of chilli cheese fries on Man V Food! yummy!
I hope you've enjoyed reading a few silly facts about myself.
If you're a blogger and have done this tag yourself, please leave your URL below so I can have a look at your too! I would love to see if we have any similarities.
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50 facts about me

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