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5 Worst Halloween Costumes

By Bambileigh

I know Halloween can be a stressful time for some – it’s right there with Christmas. So if you’re flapping around and being a major stress head because you haven’t found your costume yet, go and check out my last Halloween post – Halloween on a budget.

However, if you fancy yourself as the creative type and think you’re the most hilarious one of your group why don’t you put your juices to use (brain juices that is) and make yourself something?! Let me just warn you though: EVERYONE will be going as Heisenberg, so think again. And please, I don’t care how desperate you are or how funny you think it is… don’t do this:


Not cool dude. You just look like a bloody idiot.. OMG. I can’t believe I actually put that! I’ve typed it now so it’s staying in!
Now we’ve established that you’re not going as a sanitary towel (and don’t even think of going as a tampon), don’t think you’re going to be really clever and turn a saying into a visual like this guy…

Sure, you might get a few laughs. And when I say laughs, I mean a polite chuckle and an eye roll as they turn away. Unless of course everyone’s pretty drunk by the time you get there, in which case you’ll be a hit… It’s a shame the saying isn’t “When life gives you limes…” Then you’d be really popular. Tequila anyone?

Oh, and if you’re a parent…


Don’t. Step away from the toilet roll.

This one’s so lame.. but I have to admit I did laugh a little bit… for five minutes. That song’s so popular that you wouldn’t have to spend the evening explaining to everyone how hilariously clever you are.


Lastly, and certainly worstly (?), NEVER DO THIS.


Honestly, you might as well just go as a ‘sexy cat’. Have you found your outfit yet? Let me know the worst outfit you’ve ever seen!

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